Wednesday, February 8, 2017

eye love estee lauder

Chinese New Year is one of my favorite festivities of all time. With all the food, feasting, family gatherings, catching up with friends and lohei, it's like 15 full days of FULL of entertainment work. Serious foodie work that's more hectic than regular work days. 
Think most of you will agree than as much as we love our CNY, it can get pretty tiring too. Plus with all the goodies, fried and junk food and sweets, all these treats do take a toll on our skin. 

Be it before your head off to work or a lohei lunch or back from a full day of visiting and the office, taking some ME time off is a treat you've gotta give yourself in between all that feasting and meet ups to stay up top on your CNY game. I usually spend my ME times scrolling through instagram feeds or youtube video, but this too puts a strain on my eyes. So I've been trying to change my ME time to some light reading and just chillin' with a face mask or eye mask. Something which doesn't involve food, the phone, or any electronic gadgets of sorts. 

This year I intend to keep to my resolution and come outta CNY looking good and youthful; be gone tired looking eyes and skin. The beauty gurus of Estee Lauder sent over some beauty goodies over this CNY  to combat my tired eyes, their New Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask. A targeted eye mask with repair technology and triple-layer fresh delivery system for a refreshed and youthful look in just 10mins.

Whats so unique about this eye mask?
This system boasts high-performance eye pads that are saturated on application when you lightly push the serum into the eye pads offering a sustained release and targeted delivery for the eyes only.  The effects are amazing in just mins! It really moistures and plump my skin up, it's so gentle even on my sensitive dry skin. 

This gentle and highly concentrated eye treatment delivers 20x more of Advanced Night Repair's proven ingredients. Your delicate skin around your eyes which are 40% thinner and more delicate is bathed in Lady Thistle, White Birch, Rice Bran Extract, and Hylauronic Acid to soothe and retain moisture deep within the skin's surface.

This new packaging that separates the mask and serum may be slim in packaging but mega on its dosage that's equal to 1/4 bottle worth of hydrating, soothing and repair active of ANR eye gel creme.  It also boasts 10x faster penetration due to its new matrix technology.

How shall we get cracking?
Gently push and "break" the serum into the paper mask and let it fuse into the paper mask.

Open the sealed packaging and leave it under your eyes for 10mins.

After 10 mins, peel off one side and admire at your dewy looking eyes and skin.
Apply on some ANR eye gel.
Then it's time for some eye aerobics.

Gently pat in the hydrating serum and add the gel creme around your eyes and tap it into your eyes like you would with your fingers when playing the piano.
And in 10mins you'll have refresh, relax and dewy eyes. All ready for your next CNY party and VDay too :) What are you waiting for?
Estee Lauder is having a trial at all Estee Lauder counters until the 14 Feb. Hurry down and let your eye do the talking this Day. 


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