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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sinful Sundays at The Diner

Hey guys! 
Ever since I came to Taipei, I've realized that their breakfast culture is a must. You can easily spot breakfast bars everywhere, serving every kind of toast, sandwiches, mantou/steam buns, eggrolls, and prata-like scallion pancakes 葱抓饼. But these breakfast bars serve only during the AM, and with the Sunday Brunch culture taking over our world one eggs benny at a time, Taipei is definitely heading windwards, and now, there are loads of places you can have ALL-DAY breakkies EVERYDAY! 


One of the widely recommended brunch places on tv, blogs and friends was The Diner. 
And in celebration of N's birthday, we decided to celebrate with Brunch!

Thankfully we've been rather active at the gym, which means we can eat whatever we want! I started off our pig out session with Smoked Salmon and Spinach Frittata (420NTD) and had it changed to an egg-white frittata with an extra topping of avocados. You might be wondering if these healthy swops would compromise on the taste, but believe me, it was just as good! Though the whole dish was slightly on the salty side, the crisp flax seed toast complemented well with the frittata. The portions here are huge! Standard american size. You might wanna share your orders. And each order comes with an orange juice and a refillable coffee or tea.

Another dish we ordered was the Baked Eggs with Oxtail Sugo Breakfast (460NTD). This dish reminded me of a Russian Borscht Soup and Wild Honey's Shakshuka baked eggs. It's like a breakfast pan from all around the world. Though it was heavy but delicious.

Since breakfast is the most important meal, we had to complete it with some sweets. The greedy pig in me kept a watchful eye on the servers while we were having our mains, and most of them were walking around with this thick fluffy stuffed french toast. The Strawberry and cream cheese French Toast (370 NTD)

Thick brioche bread stuffed with strawberries and cream, coated with a golden brown eggs mixture, topped with fresh berries, dusted with some icing powder and drizzled with maple syrup. Sounds good?  Can you imagine the taste already? But sadly, it tasted way better in my head and the looks of it. It was dry and the flavours weren't as robust as we expected it to be.

Unsatisfied with one dessert = order another!!
This is what I call a blessing in disguise.
We ordered the Cinnamon Roll drenched in cream which tasted kinda like a marshmallow sauce. 
The sweets kinda fell short of what we were expecting. Felt this was a tad dry and the cinnamon flavour wasn't soaked into the bun well enough.

All in all, The Diner is a decent brunch spot, but perhaps go for the savories instead.
Be sure to get here early or make a reservation cos it gets crowded especially during the weekends.

The Diner
No. 12 Song Shou Road
Tel: 02-7737-5055

Monday, August 25, 2014

Primp Palettes: VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation

During these hot hot hot summer months dehydration is at its PEAK. Plus all that sweating from just stepping outside into nature's oven leaves you feeling sticky on the outside but dry on the inside. Isn't a pretty situation we got here. During these months, we pay a lot of attention to SPF and protecting ourselves from the blazing sun, which is no doubt very very important, but, sometimes we forget that HYDRATION is as important.

(photo credits:
No matter how you avoid it, living in the tropics with 365days of summer or places that enjoy hot summer days, you're bound to lose fluid through sweating. A no-brainer solution of course would be to drink lots of water. But for us ladies, it gets a little tricky. Other than locking in moisture through drinking water and facial moisturizers, our make up and foundation may be causing our skin to get drier, soaking up what's little left of our natural moisture, hence causing more damages to our skin. 

VDL in collaboration with LG has come up with the perfect summer solution.
VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation.
You may be wondering how much difference can a metal plate make?
This metal plate is no ordinary plate, it's designed to: 
  • Keep the low-viscosity foundation cool  
  • Maintain the moisture level of the foundation
  • Provide anti-bacterial benefits by reducing contact between application sponge and foundation
Other than its moisturizing effects, it's SPF50++ too! So fret not cos VDL has got you covered all round.

This foundation is super moisturizing as it contains PRUNE WATER.
This super food contains:
  • 8x more potassium than an apple
  • 4x more vitamin A than an apple
  • 2.5x more antioxidants 
Now I think I'm gonna have prunes for breakfast before I primp up with VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation. Eat your prunes and lock in that moisture with some prune water to prevent getting pruny :)

Metal Cushion Foundation finishing effect

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

VDL's 1st Bday!!!


This August, my favourite korean make up label VDL turns 1!!
I absolutely love birthdays and giveaways, especially during this time of the year when we're just slightly off the mid year mark, and not quite yet near christmas, when things are starting to feel a little slower. So I'm pretty excited that VDL is having a timely birthday celebration to perk things up.

I'm a rather practical person whether it comes to gifts, daily essentials or most things, well maybe with the exception of food. If a product is good and scores on practicality of usage plus design, it would be something worth taking an extra look at. What drew me to VDL was their incorporation of technology into their design and products. 

As most lipsticks are roundish, VDL came up with a series of square tip lipsticks. You may wonder what so special since it's just different shape (especially you guys out there who probably won't get it with us ladies and our make up). What I appreciate it VDL's thoughtful efforts to make it easier for us to draw a more precise lip shape with their square lipstick design, hence without the need of an extra lip liner. Convenience without compromising on beauty. 

Good news is, VDL will be giving away 2 sets of gift sets. Whoever who wins the LADY-OF-THE-NIGHT set will get to bag home their star products and their square lipstick. Their CHICK-ON-THE-GO set comes with their triple shot lip tint :) Here's all you gotta do:
Repost: Go onto my instagram @cherylweexh and repost the HappyBirthday VDL pic
Tag: Tag @vdlsg 
Hashtag: #vdlturnsone

Contest ends August 22nd 2014.
For those of you who would love to grab these anniversary gift sets, they are currently retailing at any VDL store in Singapore right now!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sinful Sundays

In honour of the weekend, I'm treated myself to one of my favourite breakfast desserts,
And since I was going to for body combat later on, rightfully I do feel I need some fuel.

Found this Hokkaido cafe along one of the alleys in Taipei's ZhongShan District. Konayuki is under the umbrella of Hokkaido's dessert chain store, LeTao, famed for their airy light cheesecakes. But what drew me to this place was their thick fluffy pancakes drizzled with strawberries. I couldn't pass on pancakes, not when they look so fluffy.

The berries pancakes (NT360) took about 20mins cos they're made fresh upon ordering. It was fluffy-dense and more like a cake-like texture. The pancakes itself weren't overly sweet nor special to wow about. Tasted pretty much like your average Moringa Pancake Mix that you can get in the supermarket.  Perhaps that's why they are famed for their Cheesecakes instead, which is actually flown in from Hokkaido. I had it some time ago during one of their food fairs, it has a light creamy cheesy texture that would be more worth the while than the pancakes. 

There's also a minimum charge per customer of at least one drink or a sundae and a food item per table.

No. 1 Lane20 Sect2 Zhongshan North Road
02 2522 2020

Friday, August 1, 2014

FRIED is the new HEALTHY

You heard me right!
Ain't no typo error, 
Fried is the new HEALTHY!!

In my foodie dream world, I'd be able to eat juicy fried chicken, golden brown goreng pisang (fried banana fritters), light and crispy tempura prawns and chewy fudgy doughy fried mars bars
without worrying about the scales or health or heart problems.

Thanks to technology, we no longer have to restrain ourselves and spends hours on the treadmill for every bucket of fried chicken. Cos there's now a HEALTHY way of frying! And you're probably already familiar with it, AIR-FRYING. 
Thanks to Philips, we got a new Philips Avance Collection AirFryer XL with Rapid Air Technology.

Before we manage to start frying up some guilt-free sinful food, my health nut brother was so excited and amazed at this cooking machine, first things first was to "fry" his favourite chicken breast which some italian herbs. It came out tender with all its juices and flavours locked in it. I was expecting the chicken to be dry without any oil, but it tasted like a really good chicken. 
What's amazing about this air fryer is that it can fry, roast, grill and BAKE!! Can't wait to try out baking some sweets with this. And I'll definitely share it here, I'm pretty curious how baking with an air fryer would be like.

Friday, June 27, 2014


One thing that always makes me happy is Food!! Which you probably figured out by now. And whenever I'm traveling, first things first is to check out foodie recommendations.. if you guys have any good recommends anywhere around the world, please share your love and leave a comment yeah :) 

So, currently Seoul is the destination of my soul, and BELLY. (every pun intended)

I shall start of with breakfast. Thick cinnamon toast drizzled with maple syrup and thyme, powdered with icing sugar and doused with a side of freshly creamy whipped cream. Now that's the reason why I wake up. Cafe Arriate is a really cute looking greenhouse cafe that looks like a floral boutique on the outside. Dining in this garden of eden is like a having a posh picnic indoors. I don't have the english address but this original korean version should be most helpful.

Next toasty recommendation is Isaac Toast!!
This picture doesn't do justice to how awesome this is. my bad. 
The eggy toast with eggs, ham, pickles, cabbage and cheese may sound like much, but trust me, this combi blends like it was made for each other. 
You can find Isaac toast in qt a few places, I got mine at Hongdae, and spotted another at Myeongdong.
Look out for a big red round signboard and welcome to sandwich heaven!!

*bells ringing*
And now's recess time which means lunch!!!
Modern korean food from squid ink gimbaps, to carbonara tteobokki to fried mandu.
Find old school food reinvented into dope unconventional deliciousness at reasonable "school food price"!! ok probably not that cheap..but its around S$10 per item.
How I wish we were fed like this in school....
before I hop on to the next place,
you can find school food at

School Food
541-15 Sinsadong, Gangnum-gu
(spotted another at Myeongdong too)

Time for a break from all that eating..

And the best way to take a break is to break for tea...
Deux Cremes Tarts are probably the the nicest tasting hybrids in Seoul.
A light puff pastry like crust topped with fresh cream or pistachio mousse, layered with berries or banana with another layer of mascarpone and another layer of whipped cream.
Add a little sweetness to your afternoon and rest your legs from all that shopping at this 3-storey cafe and indulge in some fruit tarts. 

Deux Cremes Tart Cafe
53-11 Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu

Now we should be around dinner time. 
Head over to Myeongdong for the famous Jimdak.
This dish isn't very photogenic, but you know they say "don't judge a chicken by its feathers."
Like how black chicken doesn't taste any different from a white one.
or how sometimes we can't decipher between a really really, I mean really well cooked and tender turkey from chicken.
yeah you get me doncha.
this soy-sauce based concoction of potato noodles/tanghoon, super duper tender meaty chicken, stewed till they absorb very bit of sauce potatoes and carrots is comfort food for the soul.  

apparently people are into eating crap these days?!?!? but i didn't know that crap could taste so good. ok wait that sounds wrong.

Are you full already?
NO rest for the hungry!!!
You shall not be stop here but continue into the night with street food supper all in Myeongdong.
You'll find your regular indulgences, like tteobokki, tornado potato, ice creams, but this time round I found my ultimate favourite. 
Love it soooooo much I ate.... 2!!!! yes 2!!! 
Before you go on a revolt, I know I know, it's no biggie but *please give me some credit*
What is this that got me head over heels searching for the best?
Egg Bread!!!
It's no ordinary, yet quite ordinary combi.
A fluffy cake like pancake bread, that is steamed and baked with a sunny side up egg on top.
The perfect sweet and salty blend. The bread reminds me of the sweet aroma of McDonald's hot cakes with a pipping hot egg....
But please walk around to find one that looks like the picture above,
cos I was cheated with my 1st egg bread that looked pale and flat and didn't have that baked charred taste.

Proof I ate all these and MORE.
In case you were wondering if I just took pictures with food and look like I ate and then pass it on to someone else...
No Way in Foodie Heaven's Name I will ever do that.
Food is meant to be eaten. Period. 

Most important of all,
when traveling, especially when traveling to eat,
grab a bunch of your loveliest ladies and friends to pig out with.
Cos food is best when shared with good friends and family.
*And cos you can order a whole lot more*

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Korean makeup tutorial brought to you by VDL


I miss Korea, the land of Kimchi and Soul <insert pun> !!!
Being a huge huge HUGE fan of KIMCHI, my recent trip to Korea was like kimchi wonderland overload.
Kamsahanmida VDL for taking us on a #seoulbeautyvacay :)
We were jam packed with relaxing facials, cosmetic shopping sprees, makeup workshops, loads and loads of yummylicious foodie outings and not forgetting kimchi..... 
This was one extremely enjoyable work vacay.
can we do it again soon???

Lemme share with you my very enjoyable SeoulBeautyVacay brought to you by VDL and Belief:

One of the most memorable workshops we attended was VDL's makeup tutorial by Korean makeup artist, Byul La Kim.

We all covert those korean BB cushion foundations, Cheong Song Yi's coral lips, and super moist "chok chok" (learnt a new korean word cos it was probably said the most number of times in this trip) look. Stashing all these korean products is just the 1st step, learning how to achieve it was a useful lesson for us.

Some useful makeup tips:
  • First things first, use a good makeup base to illuminate and hydrate your skin 
  • After applying the base, start with the eye make up. BEFORE foundation is applied.

  • Foundation is applied only after eye make up is done, and residue eye shadow powder/eyeliner is cleaned off from the under eye area
  • Apply teardrop line under the inner side of your eye with a light shimmery liner to brighten your eyes.

  • Loose powder or 2way cakes are barely used. Hence the dewy flawless chok chok effect.
  • Stay away from perfectly manicured lips to avoid looking too mature. Perhaps go for a lip tint, and VDL's triple shot lip tint gives an ombre lip effect too!

Big love and thanks to the Singapore and Korean team from VDL and Belief for organizing a fruitful workshop. And hugs and kisses to our pretty companions on this trip, Beatrice, Melissa and Jean and the eds of Nuyou, Cosmo, and Her World. 

*stay tuned for more updates on where to shop and eat in Seoul*