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Friday, April 11, 2014

Clean Eating Recommends

Ever Since my juice cleanse, I've been trying to keep up with a healthier lifestyle, well, at least on mondays-fridays *cheat days still applies on weekends yeah >< *

You must be thinking healthy food... yuck. bland. rabbit food. boring.
It isn't!
Plus, our F&B scene seems to be moving towards a healthier appetite  too, even Macs now has wholegrain options.

I've tried a couple of these healthy joints recently and was really impressed. By their food, atmosphere and the whole vibe. Just wanna share with you if you're ever in the mood for a detox or just wanna get healthier, here are a few options you could try.

The mushroom wanton brown rice bee noodles (S$8.80) had a sweet kombu broth and it tasted like any homemade beehoon soup. The wantons were succulent and juicy with meaty mushroom bursting with flavours. Go for the dry wanton noodles if you're looking for something stronger on taste.

The pumpkin pancakes (S$10.90) didn't feel as guilt free, cos it was so dense and drizzled with organic maple syrup just felt like you would in any pancakes but alot heavier. But it's wheat/gluten free. This one was well worth my calories and perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth in me.

Various outlets

Raw Zucchini Linguini (S$16)

Afterglow is the only place I've consistently been visiting weekly in the past month. Although the food served here is raw vegan food, it doesn't fall short on taste and creativity. A must try snack is the kimchi nori rolls (S$12 for 6 rolls). It has no carbs, but stuffed with chopped carrots and almonds, homemade kimchi. Taste pretty unique and has a good bite to it. 

Another recommend is the deconstructed sushi bowl (S$16), which is black rice bowl with mushrooms, edamamae, pickled cucumber, nori, mixed with a wasabi dressing giving it a good kick. This one is pretty filling and substantial. 

What I love about Afterglow is the raw yet cosy atmosphere, slightly dim, and earthy. The food here aims to reach out to non-vegans and I would say that it has scored a number of rave reviews from my carnivorous friends. However, I do feel it's rather pricey for just raw veges and that's perhaps one factor that most healthy/organic places share that deters us from going back. But the food here is definitely worth a try!!

24 Keong Siak Street

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Music Expressway!

Do you sometimes wish you could play the piano like Alicia Keys and surprise an audience? Or be Bruno Mar's and melt your girl's heart by serenading her on the guitar? Or belt a tune at a k-box party and wow your friends?
But no time to commit months of training??

Hark music has the answer! A 2 full day express music course that is GUARANTEED to leave you more musically inclined. 

I think this is awesome for those who are interested to pick up a musical instrument but don't have the time to kickstart it. And what's amazing is this musical skills can follow you for life and bring you much joy :) 

Click here for more info!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Detox Diary: Post Cleanse

I did it!!! 5 days no food!! but I'm feeling GGGrreattt :) 
It's been 3 days after my cleanse and I'm so excited to share my whole juicing experience with you. I was anxious at the thought of no food for 5 days, and I'm not gonna kid you, it isn't as easy but manageable. Here's the details of my experience...

What I love most about the Beauty Cleanse:

Nutritionally Designed (Developed by experienced and certified nutritionist Cherie Calbom).
The additional supplements unique to Beauty Cleanse adds the extra boost to support your cleanse and a thorough cleaning with the colosan powder.
Surprisingly, I didn't feel hungry at all.
I felt energetic throughout the 5 days. It has sufficient nutrients to make sure you can work, play, function normally.
NO sugar cravings since then. Great way to kick a bad habit.
Better Skin. You might have little breakouts during the cleanse, but fret not cos it's part of a detoxification process which will clear.
Appreciate clean healthy food better. Couldn't and didn't want to stomach anything oily and my appetite shrank.
Supportive team from Beauty Cleanse who'll send you motivation emails daily and call to check if you're doing ok. And solutions to whatever challenges you might face.

Top fav! I had it warmed up just before bedtime.
Light and refreshing

Challenges I faced:
  1. The vegetable juices were a little hard to love. Drinking cold kale and celery juices wasn't my fav part of the day.
  2. Had to use the toilet really often, which might be a little inconvenient at work.
  3. Felt Bloated on day 2 and 4 particularly. 
  4. The smell and sight of sitting through meals but only having your juice was close to torture. Don't tempt yourself if possible.
Some questions I had in mind:
  • Some say your body can auto cleanse, so why juice fast?
It's true our body can cleanse itself, but we can show it some love and provide that extra help. Juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break and focus its maximum efforts on absorbing every vital bit of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes from the juices. Detoxification is like giving your body a holiday to recharge and expel all that negative energy so that we can perform optimally again!

  • Is it just another fad diet?
Juice cleanse has been strongly advocated for years under The Gerson Therapy. A natural treatment that activates body's ability to heal itself through raw organic juices. The abundance of nutrients from fresh pressed fruits and vegetables provides your body with superfoods. These substances break down diseased tissue in the body and are released at the same time, so healing can begin.

Would I do it again?

YES!!! This is my 1st time and I'm glad I did it. The recommended cleanse is once every 3-4 months.
Day 5!

 Thank you Beauty Cleanse for rebooting my system. What are you waiting for??? Juice now!! and your bodies will thank you for it. Check out their site for more info.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Detox Diary: Humpday 3 of 5 Juice Cleanse with Beauty Cleanse

I am an extremist. A total health nut or go all crazy on the sweets and end up in a carbiside (carb-suicide), which I'm guilty of, the past 2-3months. So when this whole juice cleanse hype came along, it caught my attention yet I didn't wanna jump into another fad diet and was a little apprehensive on taking just liquids.

But at the same time, all that holiday feasting unlocked my dark side of uncontrollable desserts and sugary cravings that's beginning to get out of hand. Plus all that late nights and feasting, I was definitely thrown off the healthy bandwagon and seems like my body was a waste basket. The best solution:
cold turkey!! 

I was so excited when the good people of Beauty Cleanse and Jayne from Nuffnang came to my rescue  to pull me back into a healthy clean regime with their nutritionally customized cold pressed juice. I had to start somewhere, why not here!

Reasons for detox:
1) Give my body a much needed rest from all the binge eating
2) Flush out toxins from all the "goodies" I've accumulated
3) Reset my metabolism from all that yo-yo fad diets 
4) Say Bye Bye to the sugarholic in me
5) Hello to glowing, radiant skin and rid of excess weight and water.

So here goes...

What I did for Pre-Cleanse:
Cut down on meat, poultry, wheat, dairy, sugary drinks, high fat food.
Introduce lots of raw fruits and vege into your diet.
Hydrate with lots of water and a slice of lemon with water in the morning.
Avoid a big dinner before your cleanse to ease your body into it.

The juices were personally delivered by Beauty Cleanse the night before, comprising of a cool storage bag with 18 juices ( the remaining 2 days will be delivered on day 3 to maintain its freshness), and a few organic supplements, which include, the Colosan Powder, Spirulina, Acai Berry, Flaxseed Oil, Green Superfood, Milk Thistle and Pu-er Tea. These supplements aim to support your cleanse and maximize the potential benefits.  You may also to chose to have the cleanse without the supplements.

Day 1 Tuesday:
9am: Warm lemon waterCarrot Blend(carrots, celery, cucumber), 1tbsp of Colosan Powder *laxative effect*

11am: Light green vege juice Blend (apple, cucumber, celery, kale, ginger)
A really light blend and tasted pretty alright and nutritous. It has a slight raw taste but manageable.

12.30pm: Time to break a sweat.
Exercise is encouraged to promote the detoxification process

2pm: Purple Blend (beetroot, red cabbage, apple, celery, ginger) 
This definitely replenished my energy, kinda yummy and not too sweet.

3pm: Baking Time. You must be wondering if I cheated. Nope! A couple of friends b'days were round the corner and yeaps I managed to bake without being tempted to try. Seems like this whole juice thing is working its wonders. I wasn't hungry or craving any sweets or solids. 

430pm: Dark green vege blend (celery, cucumber, mint, romaine)
With the exception of the minty taste, this one was a little hard to swallow. It's basically a full on vege juice.

7pm: Spicy Lemonade (cayenne peppers, lemon, honey)
 This blend is one of my top fav!! It's refreshing and helps to curb off any cravings by dinner time. I like how the cayenne peppers give a nice spicy twist to your usual honey lemon drinks.

9pm: Cashew nut milk (cashew nuts, cinnamon, honey)
I heated this one up cos I wasn't used to so much cold liquid and having something warm in my tummy was gonna make me feel better. This is another hot fav! Perfect drink before bed time. I'm not a milk fan, nor have the habit of drinking milk. But surprisingly, it doesn't have the overly rich and creamy milky taste, but a light wholesome flavour and I like the cinnamon added to it.

My thoughts: I didn't feel hungry the whole day. No headaches, nor dizzy spells, no dessert cravings or craving for solid food. And I felt pretty good and all ready for a good night's rest. 
No problems running around the whole day, with the exception of having a number of runs to the bathroom.
Definitely enough energy to get through a normal day smoothly.

Day2 Wednesday:
Added a ginger tea to my AM routine, cos I was starting feeling a little bloated.
Mix and match the juices a little, but keeping the carrot blend as the 1st one and the nut milk as the last and an hour or so before bedtime.
I managed to resist the breakfast spread *curry puff, kueh kueh, sandwiches, banana cake, chocolate truffle cake* O_O at script read, kept reminding myslef, "You're only cheating yourself!!"

The downside of this cleanse is that your tummy might feel bloated and kept wanting to run to the bathroom. The beauty cleanse team assured me that it's normal and perhaps it's the effervescent effect of the colosan powder.

Day 2 has got to be the hardest for me, cos I was really craving hot soupy food and started to get a little cranky. Working on a heavy schedule on this day might be a little tough, especially on your colleagues cos you might get a little snappy.
Took some peppermint tea to help with the bloatedness and nettle tea for the water retention.

Day 3 Thursday:
Today I'm feeling alot better!! 
Gone is the bloated and sloshing of liquids in my tummy feeling. Starting to really enjoy and embrace my cleanse, by chewing on my juices as suggested and taking this whole process with a positive attitude :)

I managed to get through work and a shoot quite smoothly. In fact, I wasn't feeling lethargic or hungry. I guess keeping yourself moderately busy is advisable cos you keep you mind off any cravings. Though I was craving some proper food, I didn't feel hungry at all. And the amazing thing is, I was craving for clear hot vege soups, or a vege noodle soup. In fact, the thought of greasy hawker food is making feel a little nauseous.

Stay tuned for the next 2 days of my cleansing commentary. I'm down for 2 scrumptious dinners and a lunch meeting this weekend, and let's just all see how I'm gonna fare. ahh I'm getting a little worried too....

Pillow was licking the colourful bottle and wanted some too

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missy 先生 记者会 || The Caregivers Press Conf.

9 more days and Missy先生 goes on air!! 
Last monday was the official press conference for the upcoming Chinese drama Missy先生 aka The Caregivers. The last time everyone got together was during our wrap in mid December, and though it's been about 2 months since we last saw each other, seems like these 2 months crawled by way way way slower than our 2 chop chop months of shooting. We must had a really good time cos those same 2 months flew by so quickly.

One thing I'm so thankful for is how comfy our cast is together. Everyone is always goofing around with each other; Especially our laughing buddhas, 冰玉and 前辈 (Thomas Gor Gor), cracking us up with their jovial selves. We really take our hats off to them, they shoot everyday all day without a single off day, from before sunrise to after sunset and yet they're as cheery and happy as ever, and they are the ones infecting us with their laughter. 

Doing Missy 先生 version of 5BX. Apparently it's a legit taichi workout set that does help improve circulation and healthy bodies, healthy minds. Not bad not bad we can all still remember how to do it in sync. Watch out for it and exercise along with us yeah *work it baby*

pump it!!

Huge huge thanks to 前辈 for being so patient and kind throughout this 2months. He really had it tough these 2 and a half months of filming. Juggling his work and personal schedule during his minimal off hours, memorizing scripts, running househoold errands, all that and he still finds time everyday to go through scripts with us newbies, explaining how we should tackle certain emotions and go about dealing with the script. Feel so bad whenever I take longer to get through a scene, cos he's already so tired and drained, yet he puts us at ease with his encouragement and help us to finish it well. In my opinion, he is the character he plays in Missy 先生! 

One incident that touched me was during this scene when I was suppose to tear in one of our breakups, yeah we went through quite a few breakups *boohoohoo*. Here comes the challenge, tear just after I finish the lines and have that look of disappointment into his eyes and walk on...*pulling my hair out wondering how?!?!* I really had troubles trying to achieve this and he didn't give up on me and requested I try and try and try until I got it. He tried all ways and all means to evoke that out of me. And finally, what broke me was when he didn't say a word but looked into my eyes like he saw the most vulnerable part of me, held my hand as I spoke and let it go slowly, like those in slow motion, and all those emotions came...All this was not captured on camera but nonetheless, it was just my close up, but he gave me the support, and his efforts to push us to learn and get better. I really really thank him!! Thank you  前辈!! 

I met James while shooting Mata Mata last year. He played the older Kwong Weng, and now we had the chance to be ex-es. Though he plays a bad boy on Missy 先生, he's a really nice good guy in real life, so who do you think bullies who is reel or real life??!??!? 
Tell you more in my upcoming Missy 先生 behind the scenes post..don't forget to stay tuned!!! 

(photos via Channel 8 fb)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get back into my skinny jeans SHAPE UP PLAN

Lemme guess, every February, it's the same're faced with post-holiday pineapple tart coma, kueh bolu tummy tops, and then you're trying to convince yourself that those skinny jeans must have shrunk in the wash *wink*. I'm no stranger to post-holiday diet guilt and sometimes go on a rampage to lose that muffin top with fad diets and telling myself "I'm not eating ever again!" Then the hunger pangs sets in, and you're back to square 1. There's nothing wrong with enjoying an extra cake or kueh during the festivities, but that doesn't mean you can't get back into shape. Now that the holidays season is over, it's back to life, back to reality...take a peek into my list of things to get back into shape.

First up: Don't skip meals
One common mistake I'm guilty of is all-or-nothing, which is a no-no when it comes to dieting. Cos this will only mess up your metabolism more than your holiday pig outs. Focus on taking nutritious, balanced 200-300 calorie meals 4-6 times a day.
An example would be a hard boiled egg with an avacado on a whole wheat toast (~200 cal)
Homemade slice fish bee hoon soup (~350 cal)
1/4 cup of almonds (~200 cal)
1 apple (~70-100cal)
baked salmon steak (~250 cal)
stir fry veggies (~150 cal)
It's not just about calorie counting, but eat a variety of foods, with a rough proportion of 1/2 the plate of veges, 1/4 complex carbs, and 1/4 proteins (about the size of your palm).
And eat like a princess, small bites and chew more! Cos most of your digestion starts in your mouth.
add herbs like basil, dill and chopped mangoes to spice up your healthy meals

Drink up
Sip water all day instead of downing and gulping it all in. You've also probably heard about drinking 1-2 glasses before meals. This made more sense to me after reading an article lately. Other than filling yourself up, drinking water while eating will actually dilute the enzymes essential for digesting your food. Hence, drinking about 10-15 mins before meals is advisable, furthermore, it takes about 20 mins for your brain to realize you are full, so by drinking 10-15mins in advance, it will probably help you feel satiated and prevent you from overeating.
Recently I've also been adding Cinnamon Tea to my diet. Personally, I think it does help with my digestion and circulation. I don't feel so bloated after or in-between meals, and I feel 'warmer' as I'm prone to cold fingers and feet, hence better circulation overall. Studies have shown numerous benefits of cinnamon, such as lowering cholesterol, blood sugar levels, anti-bacterial, anti-oxident properties and supports healthy weight loss by giving your metabolism a boost!

Boil 1 stick of cinnamon with 1 1/2 cups of water and let it steep for about 20 mins.

Sweat it out
You can't run away from the good old fashion way to get fit. That is to sweat it out, be it in the gym, at home, or even doing household chores. Recently I've been plagued with a pull in my ligament behind my knee, but that's no excuse to shy off exercise. I've been staying away from lower body workouts, but here are 2 videos that can tone up those flabby arms and banish those kueh bolo muffin tops. Don't aim to camp out in the gym, cos just 30 mins a day is good to get you started. But say you're feeling lazy a couple of days a week, don't do nothing! Even 5 mins of simple cardio, pushups, or climbing the stairs amount to something. Basically, just do it even if it's for 5 mins, beats having done nothing at all.

5-4-3-2-1 workout
if you have 5 mins:
1 min high knees
1 min jumping jacks
1 min mountain climbers
1 min run on the spot
1 min burpees

4 mins:
1 min lunge
1 min mountain climbers
*repeat 2x*

3 mins:
10 push ups
15 tricep dips
15 booty lift bridges aka glute bridge
*repeat untill 3 mins*

30 squats
30 V push ups

plank/side plank

*dont forget to warm up and cool down*  

Get a hobby
This is something I struggle with everytime I plan to go on a diet or get in shape. Getting obsessed about losing numbers but end up adding on my food cravings! I figured the best way was to divert my attention to something else. Get started on a pet project or interested in something new, to get your mind off eating for a bit, and it'll help you wean off those sugar cravings at least for a bit.

Smart Swops
Make smart swops in your everyday choices. For instance, swopping white rice for brown rice or Quinoa. Quinoa (always have troubles pronouncing this, "keen-wah"), the supergrain of the future is rich in proteins and fiber. And it's flexible, you can either have it as a sweet breakfast porridge or savoury as you would with your rice/noodles.
Swop the use of bottled drinks into "lightweight equipment" you can use as mini dumbbells instead of emptying it into your stomach and filling yourself with non-nutritonal empty calories.
Swop the lift and take the stairs instead.
And if all else fails, swop those skinny jeans into relax fit for just a bit. Don't fret about losing weight fast, cos if you're gonna lose it fast, chances are you're gonna put it on faster and heavier.  
Cut yourself some slack and get back on the fit wagon healthy and gradually and dieting won't seem so scary after all.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


No matter what online shopping brings, I still love me shopping at a brick-and-motar store. So when our friendly evil neighbour (forgot how we got to calling ourselves evil neighbours, but by some incident I presume, that's now our what's app group)  Rachel wanted to open a boutique we were all so psyched!!

Rachel has a cute apt for fashion and all things stye related. I met this chick about 4 years back when she moved into the neighbourhood. Then she was studying interior designing and toying with the idea of selling clothes at fleas and online. And eventually started her pop up boutique store at home, it was so adorable. Since then, she has moved her operations to Haji Lane!! wooohooooo
Skirt sponsored by Unlabelled. Top by LoveBonito

Labelled "Unlabelled", kinda reminds me of "No signboard" Restaurant..hmmmm is this where you got your inspiration from Rachie?? Anyhoots, we dropped by her new store and got funky with her little knick knacks. The mickey ears, unicorn purse (which can't exactly store too many items but just so cute you MUST have), old school bookworm round sunglasses and a dozen more eclectic finds. For the more conservative shoppers, not to be disheartened, cos Unlabelled brings in beautiful sundresses and pieces and the best thing of all, they're all priced very reasonably!! 

With your recent Lunar New Year financial blessings, do drop by Unlabelled soon :)
42 Haji Lane
Mon-Sun 12pm-6pm