Friday, February 24, 2017

Asus on the go

 I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm skyving right now, writing this to you from Cheryl W. Jurong Point outlet, in between meetings. I was rushing outta the house this morning, with my handbag, CNY goodies, water bottle, packed lunch, gosh so many bags and things I feel like an auntie rushing off to work with all these bags. With such a heavy load I'm lugging around today, I've got absolutely no hands and space to lug another laptop bag or case around. So I slipped my newest work buddy, the ASUS ZenBook 3 into my handbag and it fits!!! No need an extra case or bag and my bag isn't bulging, weighing me down, plus I've still got my wallet, vitamins, books all in my handbag. Plus the only part on me right now that's giving me the reassurance that I've got my girlboss image on point is my ASUS ZenBook3. Without which, I'm gonna get sucked in to the "auntie mode" with all the bag on me right now.  Thanks for saving my image ASUS.

This is pretty much my daily load *except for the CNY goodies, whenever I'm working at the outlet. Though I'm very much a conventional person, with my notebooks, paper, pen and physical notes with me all the time, having a laptop on hand is my safety net to have and to hold at work. Drafting out commission schemes, outlet incentives, weekly rankings, and loads of admin work to be done, my laptop is a must. As of course for the occasional online shopping and random surfing to chill from work for a bit. 

When I'm on shoot, my load would be totally different and stuffed with clothes, makeup, snacks on hand, scripts perhaps, and now with Cheryl W. on hand, my laptop has gotta follow wherever I go, so I can work from wherever and whenever. Saves time while waiting on set and also running a business, is a 24/7 job, you'll never know when you need what you need to answer and respond to whoever you need to.

That said, I'm so thankful ASUS sent their latest ZenBook3 over. Its lightweight and sleek look fits perfectly into my handbag, and doesn't add a whole load of extra weight, weighing me down or cause any strain to my shoulder even if i sling my handbag. yeaps its that light! Plus its long battery life means I'm not carrying the charger around right now. Nope! I have no charger now, cos charging it the night before to full batt can last me pretty much half a day, and sufficient for a day's use at work or on shoot. 

This laptop lifestyle is made a whole lot easier when the tools I need is made so portable, making multi-tasking and mobile productivity a lot easier. Truly managed to appreciate this case in point at shoot last weekend. I was contemplating if I should bring my ZenBook3, since it's the weekend and I've settled most of my work, *thinking of throwing work outta my mind/sight* but I brought it along anyways, to catch up on this tv series I'm onto right now~ "The Crown". Just when I thought, hair's done; makeup's done; yay I can steal sometime and watch my show before we start........

Just then, the bosses said they needed some year-end figures and reports -__-
Luckily, I have everything the bosses need saved right here in front of me. Or else I'd have to work through the night. So really, I felt so happy I could save time and do what I need and once I'm done I can get back to watching my show, and shoot.
You know that nagging feel of work undone. That frustrating feeling can be undone when you have the mobility and capability to get things done anywhere anytime with little effort require. And that's the satisfaction and security I get when I have my ASUS ZenBook 3 with me. Be it some last min work to hand in, figures that the bosses need when I'm on shoot or just a trusty accompaniment for my leisure purposes. The ASUS ZenBook 3 has got me covered.

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