Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hilker's for a restful sleep

Before this post, i had no clue about mattresses other than my 12 year old mattress that mama purchased way back. We were invited to mattress taste test awhile ago and there's so much that goes into shopping for the right one.

Was greeted by a very bubbly Hilker representative Jess who started off by making us go to bed, yeah like literally sleep on it for about 10-15 mins each starting with their 1st generation non-pocketed spring mattress, sleeping our way up to their crown jewel collection- the latest FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coil and QUAD HD Coil Mattress System.

How to go about choosing the one:

1) Prior to this mattress taste test, I thought testing mattresses means lying on it for a bit to get a feel, but Jess advice was to lie down for 10-15mins to really get a feel of it.

2) A soft or firm mattress depends on your sleeping position. Side sleepers are recommended a soft to medium firm mattress, whereas for back sleepers, Jess shared that mattresses that are too hard is actually bad for your back, akin to sleeping on the floor. Being a back sleeper myself, she recommended a cushioning yet not too hard pocketed spring pressure for minimising lower back aches. This latest Micro Hybrid Coil is a comfort booster as it is about 1/2 the size of a standard pocketed spring coil hence it offers a double surface coverage, a wider weight distribution and better spine support.

3) Not your usual criteria in choosing a mattress, but check out Hilker's Electric Neutralization. Ive been searching abit about negative ions and papa has been into purchasing socks and knee guards with negative ions, as it is claimed to have beneficial health and pain relief. When Jess introduced this point, I immediately lit up cos papa is into this negative ion apparel right now. The coils made from Titanium Alloy, also known as an alternative medicine that nullify the negative charges formed by electromagnetic field. Pain and stiffness may be attributed to our daily consumption and exposure to our phones, laptops etc; Hilker's FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coil is able to neutralize and eliminate the negative charges, ensuring a restful sleep. No wonder sometimes I still feel so tired even when I wake, this feature is really one of its kind and sways me more towards getting one of these as a health investment :)

4) Lastly, theres always much talk about pocketed spring, and spring count. You'll be glad to know that with the QUAD HD Coil System, they've decoded the code and made a global breakthrough invention with 4 layers of pocketed spring coils, offering up to 10,000 spring counts. Pocketed springs are the foundation of a high quality mattress. The average spring count unit is about 1000-2000, but of course making a mattress decision should not solely be based on isolated factors but the whole feel and combinations to suit you best.

Words are only words, especially when it come to mattress shopping. You've gotta really get down, lie on it, roll around, sleep on it for abit, and choose to what feels best for you. Personally, after the mattress lesson and sleep test, I had a better idea and knowledge about how to go about selecting the most suitable mattress for my needs. Juggling both work at Cheryl W. and shoots here and there, having a good and rested sleep is so important. I get cranky and can't function when I don't sleep well, feel tired upon waking or aches and stiffness.

And why is sleeping so important?
One of the main things we look into weight loss at Cheryl W. is how well do you sleep? Our hunger and metabolism hormones Ghrelin and Leptin are very much interlinked with our sleep which in turns affect our weight. Basically a good night's sleep, help us metabolism fat better as well as keep us feeling satiated and less likely to overeat. On top of that, it's not called beauty sleep for no reason. Sleeping well helps repair and restore our skin cells and prevent accelerated anti ageing due to prolong sleep deprivation.

Sleep on it, check out Hilker's for more info and head down to their showroom at Millenia Walk Harvey Norman to try it yourself :)

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  1. Wow, that mattress looks nice! I wish I could buy one. It sounds like a good and solid bed. I wake a lot and my back hurts. I need more support. If I could get that bed the only thing left to do is to get my girlfriend to stop snoring. It's interesting that sleep can actually affect weight loss.