Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#1 Power Brush for my #1 Papa

For those who have been or are on their braces journey would probably agree that the metal mouth experience is kind of an awkward one. Especially if you had it during your tween/teenage years, "not a girl, not yet a woman", when you start to notice boys and wanna flash them your most natural "throw head back" girly laughter, and *PAUSE*

And you go "ERRRMAHGERDDDD I look like Bain from Batman"
And to make the situation more drama, I was a nerdier version of Bain, with those round glasses, frizzy hair, small fish teeth with a sort of bugs bunny like front teeth. *face palm*
Yeah you get the awkward gist of it.

We always have papa to cushion every blow. And when it came to my Bain braces days, Papa was my super hero. Not only he accompanied me on my dental appointments, he had his braces done too!! He accompanied me to every dental appointment to get his braces tighten too and the dentist then was so fierce!! He was famed for being fierce as we can hear him scold his patients while waiting. He would scold me for not brushing enough, when I did!! But it's really quite hard to brush it thoroughly with all that huge metal on my small fish teeth. Braces also gave us so many ulcers, gross! And pain. How to brush?!?!?
But at least having a braces buddy means everytime we tighten and it hurts like crazy, papa would totally understand and bring me for an ice-cream or sorbet. When it comes to brushing, papa actually tried to make a contest if I could make it brushing 7 mins each time. 
Ever since we got our braces out, we've kept to the healthy dental habits. And Papa's favourite tooth brush is the electric toothbrush cos he says it gives him a cleaner feel. Like what you get at the dentist. And it's true cos Oral B Power Brush removes 100% more plague for a dentist clean feel everyday. Its oscillating rotating technology cups each tooth for a precise and thorough clean.
This Father's Day, I wanna gift papa with a meaningful and useful gift, and laugh over our braces days with the #1 Power Brush only for my #1 Papa :)
You can get one for your fabulous Papa this father’s day here

Happy Father's Day!!! 

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