Thursday, May 14, 2015

Family: Mother's Day

It goes without saying that being a mom is the toughest job in the world.
To bring life into this world,
Be responsible for raising another person with the right values,
To love someone unconditionally.
Mother's Day may not necessarily be just for our biological mothers out there,
it may be an aunt, grandma, mentor, or even your dad, and of course your most beloved mama,
someone who has the heart and strength of a mama deserves a big hug.

My mama is my SHERO,
all that I am and hope to be,
I owe it to this lady.
And by God's grace, 
our family has been blessed by being close knitted,
my aunts and popo are like my mama too.
Since Aunty Dawn isn't in town, and popo's mobility isn't convenient of late,
I dated mama and Aunty Pai Hong out to a Mother's Day lunch.

We went to Ding Dong for lunch and Mad About Sucre for desserts.
Which I shall blog about separately.
This post shall be for all the mamas and wonderful woman out there.

I posted a pic on insta of my mama and aunt,
and received a comment about my mama and aunt,
curious why aren't they using their own slimming treatments,
and since we're in this business,
they could do it everyday.

It was hurtful on so many levels,
especially because it was hurtful to my family and loved ones.
But what hurt me most was when my aunt saw me upset,
she said "It's ok don't post of us next time".

Beauty and slimness have been defined by the media which celebrates 'stick thinness'.
But is this really healthy and/or beautiful?
We all come in different shapes and sizes,
and boy, our family loves our food and foodie haunts together.
Yes, we may not be the skinniest people,
and some may wonder why don't they use their slimming treatments daily and get thin.

A very important understanding to have is that at our slimming centres,
we advocate weight management and being healthy as our priority.
And at different ages, and body types, metabolism, sizes and weights differ. 
though we may not be the society's ideal of being slim,
we are all very healthy and happy :)
 Perhaps that counts more than merely being a size 0 or 2.
My mama is a mother of 3, and my aunt a mother of 2.
They're in their 50s.
They go for treatments every now and then, for maintenance and health mainly.
And they're super duper hardworking moms who are very hands-on the business's daily operation, hence unfortunately they don't have the luxury of time to focus on going to the slimming centre everyday. (which is not recommended either, lest it becomes an obsession).
And most of all, they are beautiful, confident ladies.
That's the spirit of our slimming centre, more so than anything.
If my mom and aunt buckles down and does an intensive treatment, sure they'll be slim in no time,
but we think they're perfect they way they are.
Once, mama was accompanying me at a fitting, 
and she said she felt too fat to wear an outfit, 
but this designer said something sweet,
"You are the normal perfect size of how a woman should look like,
make the dress fit you not the other way around."

I'm proud of how my family looks like,
Our family business advocates being healthy and beautifying the world with beautiful people, inside and out. 
What is thinness?
What is considered beautiful?
I hope we will all have the heart like all mothers out there,
to see beauty in every child.
To feed a child with love,
and hope for their child to be happy and healthy.
We don't hear mothers saying,
"I wish my child would be born thin".
Neither would we say,
"I wish mama thinness"
Instead let's wish all ladies out there to be happy and healthy mamas :)
Let us humbly thank you for being the strong beautiful woman that you are. 
Happy Mamas Day!

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  1. Hi Cheryl. Its me again :) watched you on ch8 celebs curated collections. Got to know you better. So pls pls pls write more about yourself or intro yourself more on the tv. All the fans hope to know and see u more. Meanwhile, I pray that u be healthy, happy and success in everything you do :)