Monday, July 20, 2015

Travel to spread the love

When we talk about travelling, it's no doubt that most of us will agree that it's an eye opener and the greatest textbook you'll encounter.
Be it a memorable happy one or bumpy eventful one, it's always a take away lesson.
You'll get to see a different side of the world, learn a new culture, enjoy various cuisines and meet new people along the way.

Travelling these days has been made easy, a lot more cost effective, almost everyone especially in cosmopolitan Singapore can and has travelled. Most of which are makan or shopping trips to cities. Although it's a 'self-fulfilled' one, they might not be the most meaningful one. I myself am guilty of such. It's been awhile since our family took one of those 'off the beaten track' trips, and it's high time we take one together, give back to society and remind us how lucky and blessed we are, and share the love.

One of the most memorable trips was actually a work trip to Pattaya in 2012. It was the Pattaya International Music Festival, and I was very fortunate to represent Singapore with my songs and dance performance. It was very very touching and encouraging performing to a group of Thais who didn't understand Mandarin but we were supportive to dance along and scream and shout. They didn't know who this Chinese girl prancing on stage was, nor what she was singing, but there were no barriers. 

After the performance, we stayed a couple of days in Bangkok, and met this girl along the streets. A young girl, helping her mom sells flowers to cars that stopped along the roads under the blazing hot Bangkok sun. Most kids in developed countries might falter at the thought of spending their weekends in the sun selling things to make ends meet. But this girl had the brightest smile and warmest heart. She happily pranced from car to car asking drivers to buy flowers. Along the pavements, was a pasar malam of sorts that had simple games and clothes for sale. When she's not selling flowers, she would chat with the other stall sellers, and we bought her a fishing game. We saw the brightest and sweetest smile. She was filled with happiness and gratitude. A simple pasar malam game could make her day. The joy in the simplest things is a rare and treasure happiness we ought to learn from this young girl.

Travelling is indeed the best teacher, and ZUJI, an online travel agent that provides extensive booking services is not only an ambassador for seeing the world, but a company with a heart and cause. ZUJI believes the joy of traveling is for everyone. They are in partnership with MasterCard and would like to invite everyone in creating a bright possibility for students in need. All you gotta do is LIKE ZUJI on Facebook from now till 1 Nov 2015 to contribute a $0.50 donation for beneficiaries from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. Travelling should be for everyone :)

One of our rockstar beneficiaries, whom you may play a part in contributing to his education and lifestory, is the adorable Eq'man. We're so blessed to grow up having parents by our side, but as for cheeky 9 year old Muhammad Eq’man Mutiara Bin Juraimi and his sister, their 65 year old grandfather took on the role as the sole breadwinner and father figure in their family. It's heartbreaking that his elderly grandad has to take on night shifts as a taxi driver in spite of his poor health, bringing home approximately S$1000 monthly.Yet, they're happy peeps with the simple pleasures in life: evening strolls and skateboarding sessions. Eq'man is such a sensible kid, all he wants is a simple trip across the causeway where he can spend uninterrupted quality time with his beloved datuk and nenek is all he wants.

Click to watch a video on Eq'man and he's bound to brighten your day :)

Check out ZUJI website for more info and their Facebook page for on your next travel destination!

If you would like to know how you can show your support, head over here!

ZUJI is also generously giving away $100 ZUJI travel vouchers by simple answering this question:
"Where would you like to take your parents to and why?"


  1. Hi Cheryl! Travelling is a joy for everyone indeed. The wonders of the world should be experienced by all. :) How do i take part in the Zuji contest? I'm TOTALLY eyeing those vouchers for my next trip to Taipei with my parents! My folks have been commenting about how good the braised meat rice (Lu Rou Fan/滷肉飯) looks everytime they come up in Channel 8's taiwanese soap dramas; they are a religious fan of these shows! Would be great to bring them on a trip so they can taste it for their own!

  2. I would take them to China to see the Great Wall of China,one of the 7 wonders of the world.

  3. If I could, I would want to take my parents to one country in each of the 7 continents! Pay for their tour around the world to see different views, experience different cultures and taste different food! They deserve the best and only the best! :)

  4. My family haven't been on a cruise before... would definitely like to take my aging parents (64 yrs young) anywhere on a cruise!!! This will definitely check off their bucket list plus their wedding anniversary is in December :) would definitely make their day seeing them SMILE ...

  5. i want to take my parents on a cruise because the cruise have everything, it has food, entertainment and we can relax on it and if we get tired the room is just a short walk away

  6. To be honest, I would love to quickly save up lots of money to bring my parents to visit Hangzhou - a city in China, near Shanghai, where I had spent a semester of cultural immersion in during my Polytechnic days. I'm sure they will be mesmerized by the scenic view at Westlake. Oh yes, and to savour all the yummilicious food which China has to offer! =b

    Random fact: Hangzhou is also where 梁山伯 and 祝英台 met! Their school would be one of the must-visit destinations in Hangzhou for my parents, since they love the Butterfly Lovers so much. ;)

    <3, Joanna

  7. I would like to take my parents to New Zealand. I want to let them experience retirement life in the farm. Being with the sheep and cows, no neighbours but only vast areas of green land around the humble house. It is just a different kind of experience for them who had not visited the Western countries before.