Sunday, December 7, 2014

Makeup Toolbox: VDL GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

Few things in life are sweeter than waking up to a homemade sea salt caramel chocolate tart for breakfast. Combine that with receiving a surprise in the mail, a bag full of lipsticks in the richest Christmasy colours.

This was one of those days I was pretty much in heaven and warming up my homesick heart in the cold wet and windy taipei mornings. 

Speaking for most girls, there's nothing we love more than desserts and pretty surprises!!
So touched that VDL sent over their latest Expert Lip Cube OneClickWonder, and the colours are all so pretty. Perfect to kickstart the holidays this season. 

I've always admired ladies who are able to execute a perfectly lined red lips that are supple and moist. Especially ever since I been in Taiwan these past months, and with the temperatures getting colder and windier, I find my lips getting chapped and dry more often. When I first applied the Lip Cube Expert, I fell in love with its moist and creamy but not sticky texture. Application was really easy with just one twist of the dial. No wastage. Not too little leaving patchy red blots like you've just walked out of a vampire diaries novel. With it's thoughtful cube-like sleek pen shape, executing a perfect lip shape is easy without all that hassle to "stay within the line". 

Edge Fire 501

This Expert Lip Cube series is definitely gonna add on to my list of beauty essentials. I even thinking of getting 2 of each in my favourite shades, the Edge Fire 501, Miss Right 102, Hello stranger 502, Attitude 301 and the Tribeca 101, before the run out. If you're thinking of getting your Christmas shopping done this week, this Lip Cube Expert would be a perfect gift for your girlfriends, colleagues, aunts and mamas.

It's GIVEAWAY time!
One lucky winner will have a chance to win VDL's Expert Colour Lip Cube EX.
To enter, just comment on my blog:

What are 3 of my favourite Lip Cube Expert EX colours?

Alongside your email, so we can contact you :)
Winners will be chosen at random and contest ends 14th Dec 2014 2359hr.


  1. Miss Right 102, Hello stranger 502 and Attitude 301 :)

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  3. Edge Fire 501, Tribeca 101, Hello Stranger 502!

    P/s: I like your hair colour! sgrmse(at)gmail(dot)com