Friday, November 14, 2014

Makeup Toolbox: VDL's One Click Wonder

When I think of make up, science and technology isn't the first thing that comes to mind.
But ever since VDL found its way to us, I've come to appreciate the importance of technology to enhance beauty.

You guys are probably familiar with VDL's uniquely shaped moisture lip cube by now,
and who'd think it could get any better so quickly??
Because VDL's expert colour lip cube has now upped its game into a

No more wastage, messy lipstick covers, too much too little,
cos now,
1 CLICK of the dial is all you need for a single full application.

This new range comes in 8 new colours and of course its signature sleek minimalist design, and here are 4 of my favourite shades (clockwise from top left to bottom left: 101 Tribeca, 301 Attitude, 502 Hello Stranger, 102 Miss Right)

Why I Love VDL's Expert Colour Cube EX:
  • Soft glossy finish without having to lather on extra lip gloss.
  • Creamy and Moisturizing even for chapped dry lips.
  • Super easy and handy application.
  • Sleek minimalist design, which I can slip it into those mini clutches without having to force and close my clutch with a lipstick buldge.
  • Smashing and sexy colour palatte.
  • Super long lasting.
  • It has SPF!!

Last but not least, this November, get to experience the new Expert Color Lip Cube EX at an introductory price of 10% off with a minimum purchase of $30 at VDL

Stay tuned cos we're gonna do some give aways real soon!!

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