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One thing that always makes me happy is Food!! Which you probably figured out by now. And whenever I'm traveling, first things first is to check out foodie recommendations.. if you guys have any good recommends anywhere around the world, please share your love and leave a comment yeah :) 

So, currently Seoul is the destination of my soul, and BELLY. (every pun intended)

I shall start of with breakfast. Thick cinnamon toast drizzled with maple syrup and thyme, powdered with icing sugar and doused with a side of freshly creamy whipped cream. Now that's the reason why I wake up. Cafe Arriate is a really cute looking greenhouse cafe that looks like a floral boutique on the outside. Dining in this garden of eden is like a having a posh picnic indoors. I don't have the english address but this original korean version should be most helpful.

Next toasty recommendation is Isaac Toast!!
This picture doesn't do justice to how awesome this is. my bad. 
The eggy toast with eggs, ham, pickles, cabbage and cheese may sound like much, but trust me, this combi blends like it was made for each other. 
You can find Isaac toast in qt a few places, I got mine at Hongdae, and spotted another at Myeongdong.
Look out for a big red round signboard and welcome to sandwich heaven!!

*bells ringing*
And now's recess time which means lunch!!!
Modern korean food from squid ink gimbaps, to carbonara tteobokki to fried mandu.
Find old school food reinvented into dope unconventional deliciousness at reasonable "school food price"!! ok probably not that cheap..but its around S$10 per item.
How I wish we were fed like this in school....
before I hop on to the next place,
you can find school food at

School Food
541-15 Sinsadong, Gangnum-gu
(spotted another at Myeongdong too)

Time for a break from all that eating..

And the best way to take a break is to break for tea...
Deux Cremes Tarts are probably the the nicest tasting hybrids in Seoul.
A light puff pastry like crust topped with fresh cream or pistachio mousse, layered with berries or banana with another layer of mascarpone and another layer of whipped cream.
Add a little sweetness to your afternoon and rest your legs from all that shopping at this 3-storey cafe and indulge in some fruit tarts. 

Deux Cremes Tart Cafe
53-11 Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu

Now we should be around dinner time. 
Head over to Myeongdong for the famous Jimdak.
This dish isn't very photogenic, but you know they say "don't judge a chicken by its feathers."
Like how black chicken doesn't taste any different from a white one.
or how sometimes we can't decipher between a really really, I mean really well cooked and tender turkey from chicken.
yeah you get me doncha.
this soy-sauce based concoction of potato noodles/tanghoon, super duper tender meaty chicken, stewed till they absorb very bit of sauce potatoes and carrots is comfort food for the soul.  

apparently people are into eating crap these days?!?!? but i didn't know that crap could taste so good. ok wait that sounds wrong.

Are you full already?
NO rest for the hungry!!!
You shall not be stop here but continue into the night with street food supper all in Myeongdong.
You'll find your regular indulgences, like tteobokki, tornado potato, ice creams, but this time round I found my ultimate favourite. 
Love it soooooo much I ate.... 2!!!! yes 2!!! 
Before you go on a revolt, I know I know, it's no biggie but *please give me some credit*
What is this that got me head over heels searching for the best?
Egg Bread!!!
It's no ordinary, yet quite ordinary combi.
A fluffy cake like pancake bread, that is steamed and baked with a sunny side up egg on top.
The perfect sweet and salty blend. The bread reminds me of the sweet aroma of McDonald's hot cakes with a pipping hot egg....
But please walk around to find one that looks like the picture above,
cos I was cheated with my 1st egg bread that looked pale and flat and didn't have that baked charred taste.

Proof I ate all these and MORE.
In case you were wondering if I just took pictures with food and look like I ate and then pass it on to someone else...
No Way in Foodie Heaven's Name I will ever do that.
Food is meant to be eaten. Period. 

Most important of all,
when traveling, especially when traveling to eat,
grab a bunch of your loveliest ladies and friends to pig out with.
Cos food is best when shared with good friends and family.
*And cos you can order a whole lot more*

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