Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Korean makeup tutorial brought to you by VDL


I miss Korea, the land of Kimchi and Soul <insert pun> !!!
Being a huge huge HUGE fan of KIMCHI, my recent trip to Korea was like kimchi wonderland overload.
Kamsahanmida VDL for taking us on a #seoulbeautyvacay :)
We were jam packed with relaxing facials, cosmetic shopping sprees, makeup workshops, loads and loads of yummylicious foodie outings and not forgetting kimchi..... 
This was one extremely enjoyable work vacay.
can we do it again soon???

Lemme share with you my very enjoyable SeoulBeautyVacay brought to you by VDL and Belief:

One of the most memorable workshops we attended was VDL's makeup tutorial by Korean makeup artist, Byul La Kim.

We all covert those korean BB cushion foundations, Cheong Song Yi's coral lips, and super moist "chok chok" (learnt a new korean word cos it was probably said the most number of times in this trip) look. Stashing all these korean products is just the 1st step, learning how to achieve it was a useful lesson for us.

Some useful makeup tips:
  • First things first, use a good makeup base to illuminate and hydrate your skin 
  • After applying the base, start with the eye make up. BEFORE foundation is applied.

  • Foundation is applied only after eye make up is done, and residue eye shadow powder/eyeliner is cleaned off from the under eye area
  • Apply teardrop line under the inner side of your eye with a light shimmery liner to brighten your eyes.

  • Loose powder or 2way cakes are barely used. Hence the dewy flawless chok chok effect.
  • Stay away from perfectly manicured lips to avoid looking too mature. Perhaps go for a lip tint, and VDL's triple shot lip tint gives an ombre lip effect too!

Big love and thanks to the Singapore and Korean team from VDL and Belief for organizing a fruitful workshop. And hugs and kisses to our pretty companions on this trip, Beatrice, Melissa and Jean and the eds of Nuyou, Cosmo, and Her World. 

*stay tuned for more updates on where to shop and eat in Seoul*

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