Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daddy's Day

Every year Father's Day seem to be a simpler affair with less hype and buzz than momma's day, which seems like a reflection of my daddy. Papa is a simple man who appreciates the 'back-to basics', unpretentious and sincerity of things. He's a very heartwarming man who always loves to hug and shower love and kisses to all of us, although I have to admit that during our awkward teenage years, it did feel kinda "paisei" when daddy hugs us in front of our friends. But now, I'm proud to say I have a daddy that loves us so much and isn't shy to express it. 


Daddy is your typical funny dad who cracks lame jokes and somehow or rather we all find it super funny especially when he laughs so hard at it. My earliest memory of him is one that he told me: I was just a few months old, and at that time he said he was into body building and getting all buff.  So one evening he was carrying me while waiting for mama to prepare my dinner, and somehow I was too hungry and mistook daddy for mummy O_o AWKWARD...
Apparently after that incident he claims that he dare not be too crazy over body building lest another mistaken identity, worse still, creating confusion for his kids.


My daddy is like a Superdad to us. He's an awesome chef with the WORLD'S BEST HOKKIEN MEE!! It is so good that every year on my birthday, I would request for his hokkien mee as my birthday present. It's so super awesome that it's gone within minutes! and because we have no time to lose, I just realized that I don't have a decent picture of his famous "Ah Heng Hokkien Mee" to share with you guys. That's how you know it's super awesome when the camera cannot and will not eat first!


We're really thankful to have such a cool dad who is so talented in so many ways...

So this year to show my appreciation, not only to daddy, but all my uncles and gong gong, I decided to treat the whole family/village to lunch at Yoyogi at the Grandstand. Yoyogi's decor has a warm contemporary Japanese feel, giving their customers a simple and relax vibe. I ordered the unagi Bento (S$26) which came with a Japanese tomato salad, Assorted Sashimi, an unagi Bento box and a choice of either black sesame or peach ice cream (Of course I went for the peach). Don't expect big portions here, but you can be rest assured that the quality here will not disappoint. The unagi rice was simple and fresh and what I really liked about was that the unagi wasn't overly doused with overwhelming amounts of terriyaki sauce. 

The Clan

The meal ended with our whole clan visiting Pasarbella for the first time together, and it was no joke guys having to maneuver our very highly distracted group through a super packed Saturday crowd in the marketplace. But that shall be in another post, cause I gotta get up early for work tomorrow (*hint hint~~will there be any chance that shoot might be cancelled cos PSI is now 321?!?!? ) 

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