Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Urban Market: PasarBella

Our clan adjourned from lunch at Yoyogi to Singapore's first ever 'farmers' market', PasarBella. The concept of having fresh food, fruit, bakeries and lifestyle shopping under one roof with its raw interior of a marketplace interior brought me down me down memory lane to when I was staying in New York. I instantly fell in love with New York's Chelsea Market the moment my friends introduced me to it (I was there on a summer program at the Broadway Dance Centre). Somehow it reminds me of home and mama going to the market whenever I'm homesick. What makes Chelsea Market so alluring is the oddity of a marketplace selling fresh food and produce, and its homely cosy vibe that cushions the concrete rigidity of Manhattan. Although PasarBella can only be vaguely compared to Chelsea Market, on a whole I feel that it is refreshing to finally have such an open concept marketplace that's family friendly with a rustic and charming vibe.


There were quite a few stores there that caught my eye; first, the very 1st stall on your left upon entering, Bonheur Patisserie, it was like a rainbow display with coloured macaroons and cakepops sitting casually in a basket. I decided not to be too greedy this time and pace myself, but being a sucker for desserts and all things pretty, I couldn't help but order a matcha macaroon and a cake pop!! Taking my first bite into my first cake pop ever almost sent me straight into a sugar coma O__O The combination of textures of the crunchy chocolatey coating and the moist chocolate cake topped with hundreds and thousands of rainbow sprinkles made me feel like a kid with my first lollipop. 


Daddy and the adults went straight for the cheese room, which was a tad too CHEESY and overpowering for myself and cuzzie Alexis. So while waiting...we bought us some French crepes, 1 in each flavour. The crepes were pretty decent, nothing to wow about, but fresh hot crepes with either creamy nutella, salted caramel or lemon butter sugar can never go wrong. 


Personally, it is a thumbs up for Pasarbella. It is a one of a kind marketplace for Singapore and I look forward to coming back on an emptier stomach to try the rest of the stalls and hopefully to see some new ones pop up too :)) 


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