Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All I want for my birthday is another birthday...without the numbers

This year I wasn't expecting much of a birthday celebration reason being I have been so busy with mata mata filming, I've actually kinda lost track of the days and date. Besides mummy and daddy have been so caught up with work too, and mei mei is in Sydney studying. But being the thoughtful mama that she is, she arranged not 1 but 2 birthday celebrations!! And the first one was for 2 birthday peeps :)) Double cakes// Double celebration// Double everything
Matcha white chocolate cake...i love matcha anything
I was Uncle Paul's birthday buddy for celebration round 1, as his birthday was 2 weeks before mine.

Celebration Round I was at LP + Tetsu, a contemporary French-Japanese cuisine helmed by one-Michelin-star chef Laurent Peugeot. The salted croissant and baguette served with nori olive oil and matcha sea salt was absolutely satisfying, it was so good we were raving about it more so than the appetizers. On a whole the blend of French cuisine meets Japanese preparation styles were intriguing and worth a visit.

I got my eyes set on you...matcha matcha matcha
My most adorable and loving popo
Outfit for the night: NastyGal
I was so surprised to receive this package from Hong Kong. It was from Summ who was my number 1 Hong Kong supporter during the pageant. So sweet of her to do a compilation of pictures from the competition, a lovely handmade card and a super cute dumbo stuff toy that she personalized. Jasfunny, our AP from "Unconditional Love" was so sweet to get me a little book of recipes on bite size desserts...ahhhh > <  I've been wanting to learn how to make cake pops, this came just in time :) love you lots my monkeys muah! To top it off all, I was most touched by my mata mata team...


It was so coincidental Director Sherkan and I shared the exact same birthday, and what's more he was filming us that day. Director Joey came in on set and said he had to do an urgent scene and led us to a room in our office set with 2 birthday cakes waiting for us, and almost everyone on mata mata was there to celebrate (pity some of them were out on shoot). What really really touched me was the huge card that AD Yong Hong prepared, with everyone's post-it stuck on are just so awesome and I couldn't be more blessed. The gifts that really put a genuine smile on my face and melts my heart are those that money can't buy, the thought, the effort, the experience the sincerity of it is more priceless than anything. Thank You guys XOXO


Last round of celebration was organized by mama, she held a dinner party at The Clan. The food was pretty interesting, fun and fusion..haha this must be a year of fusions. The restaurant has an amazing feel to it, tucked way in Bukit Pasoh, a white washed shophouse with a romantic interior and setting. The wonderful thing about The Clan is that you get a choice of a wide range of items from each category in the 6-course menu. I couldn't decide which appetizer to have because everything looked so good, the waiter was so kind to give me an extra course of appetizer as my birthday present! haha pretty good present I'd say. The most noteworthy dish was the 48 hours braised beef short rib. It was served on a hoba leaf on top of a hot lava stone. You basically kinda cook your own beef to your preferred level of doneness and it was so juicy and flavourful.

Herb crusted mushroom escargot (photo credits:Brad Lau)
Duck Confit with plum mustard and truffle mash (photo credits:Brad Lau)
48 hours beef short ribs
Madeira cheese pannacota (photo credits:Brad Lau)
Passionfruit meringue cake (photo credits: Brad Lau)
Thank you mama and daddy for being the most wonderful parents..Huang Mei Mei this evening wasn't complete without you (photo credits:Brad Lau)
(photo credits:Brad Lau)
(photo credits:Brad Lau)
Nicest evil neighbours
#cherylgluttonwee (photo credits:Brad Lau)

Big hugs to all of you who made my day!! Thank Brad for the professional pics for the evening :)
Last but not least, I went home to a wonderful surprise, from my dearest Huang Mei Mei..a sister really knows you best!! A surprise package of balloons and a bear!! Thank you mei :)) 

QnA diary mei mei gave me last Christmas, on this day, I'm definitely gonna call you and thank you for ending my day on such a surprisingly sweet note.


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