Saturday, April 6, 2013

Winding back the clock

How have you guys been? Sorry I've been lazy and not updating my blog.... anyways, here goes what I've been busy with. Winding my clock back in time to 1949 Singapura...

Veteran Aileen Tan as my mama
With my best friend Hani Hani
Vintage ride from Kombi Rocks!
Insp Kong aka Nicholas Lee with his weird antics 
Sani, our Director of Photography
Trying my shot at being cameraman, it ain't easy man! Hats off to all camera crew
Our wonderful director Ian 
Mata Mata
I've been given one of the most wonderful opportunity to go back in time and experience life in the 1950s, with this upcoming drama "Mata Mata". I really couldn't be more thankful and excited, because it's my very first drama onscreen and it's as if I'm going back to my childhood days, playing dress up with my mei mei, playing someone else, doing things we couldn't possibly do in real life, it's like masak masak. Everyday I look forward to coming on set,  learn something new, do something new, and most of all I'm still learning how to let go of the cheryl wee in me and fully become into "Elizabeth Lee". 

It's pretty cool be to be able to be someone else, with a different occupation, different era, different character, different background, it's as you could suddenly transform. This is the part of acting that appealed to me, cause it's as if you get to be in so many different shoes, step into a time machine and turn back the clock or blast to the future. Yet I'm still grappling with trying to fully fit into "Elizabeth Lee" and 'throw away' the me at times, but I hope in time to come, it'll happen :) 

Masak Masak with a gun!! When else can I be holding a gun without getting into trouble?!?! Aren't I lucky ;)
Thank you Samantha and all our skilled make up and hair stylist for the looks everyday :)
Gotta go get ready to do some serious interrogation work today...have to get my serious polka face on!!! *hmph* see ya ard 

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