Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Truth 4: 10 Things You Didn't know About Pageants

Truth 4: BFF

To be honest... I never thought pageants could be a place to meet genuine friends who could stick with you. I mean, isn't pageants just all about winning, getting crowned, beating the next girl, looking all glamorous, perfect and desiring for "world peace"? Well... I couldn't be proven more wrong.

Joining a pageant is like going to high school all over again. You have your drop dead gorgeous popular media darlings ("queen bees") who everyone loves/ hates. Then you have your low profile "underdogs" (perhaps.. "geeks") "I'm-just-here-for-the-experience" girls. Media don't give them much attention, neither do these girls crave for any of it. There are some who are social butterflies, with an outstanding personality, who brightens the room with her jokes, hands out candies to everyone, and is extremely hyper all the time (your student leaders/ goody two shoes). She is none other than Ms Friendship.  You have your high school "loners", they prefer to hang out alone. Finally... girls whose BFFs are their mirrors (you know what I mean..).. hint vainpots.

Just like on my first day of high school, I put on my rosy tinted glasses and came with a positive attitude, hoping to make as many friends as possible. I thought, since I came all the day, I might as well make this journey more enjoyable. It turns out pageants are just like the real world. My cheerful introduction was greeted with a nonchalant brush-off, "Hi" but I'm not really here to make friends attitude. My heart sank. I guess I was too naive to believe I could make friends here....

Throughout the days, I just concentrated on doing well and finishing whatever obstacles they presented us. Instead things started to turn around.. these obstacles became a platform for friendship! Nearing the end of the competition, when everything was an accelerated roller coaster ride, and competition got stiffer, I got closer to 2 amazing girls, E., H. and a wonderful roommate, A. Isn't it strange how four strangers who were contesting for a crown could now be good friends? Instead of competing, we were cheering each other on, counting down the number of days to 'freedom', sharing about what we crave for after the pageant (since it was the chinese new year season we were salivating over bak kwa, pineapple tarts, egg rolls ).  Our mindless chit chats and jokes were stress relievers that made the journey more enjoyable. So now you know when pageants contestants talk like airheads, it's not because we're dumb, it's meant to ease tension! Having gone through sweat, blood and tears together, our friendship was brought closer and they'll definitely be my FRIENDS FOREVER!

Pageants are like a crash course about life. It is a pressure cooker that brings out our true character, it is only then I opened my eyes and saw who were my true friends.

Don't go away! Next up is a skimpy post where I bare it all!

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