Monday, October 8, 2012

Truth 5: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Pageants

Truth 5: The Skimpy Issue

Call me conservative but the swimwear round was my greatest obstacle when I first entered the pageant world. 

Photo Credits: TVB

Firstly, I'm hardly into water sports or a fan of the ocean, so it's rather awkward to be strutting around in a swim suit for no apparent purpose, nor am I a fan of sun tanning, so the chances of you catching me in a bikini is close to none.

I actually entered my first pageant secretly, with the exception of my sister and cousin as syndicates helping me to cover up during family dinners and late nights. Reason being, knowing my parents conservative nature, they would probably disapprove of me strutting down in a 2 piece outfit covering my bare essentials (though there isn't much to cover....i think)

But after the semis, we were running out of excuses, and we had to finally tell the parents. As expected, mama's first reaction was, "Huh! Then must wear bikini and let everyone see ah?" But surprisingly my grandfather's response was, "Ya what! Pageants is like that mah." But all in all, they were all very supportive. But before every pageant finals, my aunty dawn would help me sew and sew and re-sew to ensure the knots don't get undone and expose my bare body. (Probably your first time hearing something so ridiculous right??)


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I am a reader of You-Weekly and I am one of the attendees who attended Mediacorp's 30th Drama Anniversary where both aroused some thoughts in me. I have some perspectives to share not in regards to any of your blog posts, but rather your ascribed factors and related to it is your plans to venture into the music industry. I think my theory applies on an objective scale, so not just subjectively on you. Don't worry, I am not a schemer, nor is my agenda affiliated with insults nor any form of verbal abuse. It falls primarily on ethics, and i think you happen to be one of the examples who fit the above category. Of course, if you do not wishes to, I shall not comment, for you have all the right to do so. But I would thought it is a comment that would perhaps ignite some awareness (in you) and worthy of discussions. Thank you.

    Edwin Tan

  2. Hi Edwin, thank you for your interest. Please feel free to email me at and I would love to hear from you. Thank you

  3. Hi Cheryl.

    I have replied to your email. Hope you will take time to read it. Thank you.


  4. Cheryl, why don't you pursue a career with TVB? You are beautiful and will excel in the job. I really hope you will succeed as a singer.

    1. Hi Felicia, Thank you for your kind encouragement :) It's really comforting to hear such positivity!! Well, my position with TVB is still neutral, neither yes or no, so maybe perhaps there'll be a chance in future :) Thank you once again