Monday, May 21, 2012

Pattaya Music Festival Part 2

Monster trainings (which I honestly love, cos, there's something I'm working towards and look forward to), crazy last min changes, worrying weather reports, rehearsal birthday etc were part and parcel of my most memorable 18 days. 

Time came, when our 14 member entourage were at Changi Airport waiting for our ride to Bangkok. Arrived in Bangkok and we had 2 "nanny vans" whisk us off to Hard Rock in Pattaya. Chatting about an hour on the way there, and Lim Sek, my boss turned to me and say, "I think you better stop talking, you voice is starting to sound hoarse." Ahhh!! This made me kind of paranoid for a bit (or was he trying to hint something...hmmm hahaha) 

Pattaya is like a huge resort! Everyone seems to be in a holiday mood, dressed down in bikini, shorts, haviananas, and shades, and we were there to rock this city!! It was 40 degrees the evening we arrive! And after dinner, it was back to rehearsals. Came morning, it was rehearsals again, this time, cos we didn't have a space, we use the empty space in the restaurant, dancing and singing to well, diners. That night was the opening night of the Pattaya Music Festival, and guess who's the lucky one to snag a photo opp with 2PM Nichhkun!! and Thailand's hottest Film Rattapoom!!

Need I say more?

D-DAY 28 April 2012

Big breakfast for the day 
Carbo loading for lunch 

The moment of truth came.
Spent the whole day prepping, sound check, make up, hair do (got quite a cute hairdo that night, kinda like an antenna) etc.

With my boss Mr Lim Sek! He is one amazing and well respected producer. It's truly my honour to be under his tutelage 
My very supportive family braving the sun 

Thanks Joe for the hair raising hairdo
My heart was pounding while we standby on stage waiting for the music to come on. You could probably hear my heart beat from down there if I place my mic close enough. 
"跟我感觉会飞的脚步"were my first notes/words.
And everything fell into place.

I was singing, dancing, having the time of my life. (Praise the Lord for the wonderful 'not-so-hot' and windy evening). Didn't feel tired/thirsty or out of breathe. It was intoxicating. The crowd was amazing. Thai people are so friendly and welcoming! It was like performing to my family and friends. Didn't feel scared or stage fight.

Standing on that stage and performing my songs is really a dream come true for me. All the hard work, long hours and sacrifices are well worth it when you derive satisfaction from what you love doing. The fulfillment you get from living your childhood dream is something money can never buy nor can anyone rob this joy away from you. This satisfaction is my motivation to work harder and continue on this climb.
We celebrated the night walking the streets of Pattaya finding good eats
My very first cha-yen with Xiao Xinyi 

Finally some tom yum goong after so many days in Thailand 
Basil Chicken Rice with a sunny side up egg is simply shiok!

Nonetheless, I want to shout out a big thank you to all of you who made my debut possible. I sincerely feel that I couldn't have done it and grow without you. My dearest parents who are ever so supportive, you are like my invisible wings who pushes me through. My aunty dawn for your strictness and guidance. Aunty Pai Hong, who always quietly support me so enthusiastically. My entire family, mei mei, russell and uncles. Thank you Harry and EeMun for giving me this opportunity. Thank You Lim Sek, and Vincent from Music and Movement. I really appreciate that you believe in me and walk beside me every step of the way. Thank you my beloved dancers, you guys really rock the stage!! Love you all :) 

I love my ENTIRE family, my immediate family and my Music and Movement family 

Go Go Go!!! aim for the sky and never regret :)

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