Thursday, May 24, 2012

我爱水浒转! Battle@Water Margin

Couple of weeks back I received a call asking if I've seen ninja warriors, wipe out or game shows of that sort. I've seen those shows and it never occurred to me that one day I might enroll myself into something like that. Cause I'm not exactly the most sporty person. If you were to ask me to dance, sing, or recreational activities like running, cycling etc its still within my boundaries. But, 'extreme' water sports/obstacle course isn't something in my dictionary.

Our favourite hosts 崇庆哥 aka Aunty Lucy and 钟琴姐姐

My victory weapon of choice! 

Stretching before the battle begins
Round 2: Time for some 'catfight' 

When I was briefed about this game show, I couldn't help but laugh, cos I couldn't imagine myself doing those obstacles. But on a second thought, it sounded like a whole lot of fun! And since it's unlikely that I would go for such adventurous activities for no apparent reason, I thought, since I have the chance now, Why not!

We managed to snag 3 out of the 4 'weapons'!! haha round 1 goes to us :)

When I reached Jurong Sports Complex that morning, and saw the extent of the obstacle course, I really wonder what I got myself into. Haha...I doubt those who know me would imagine I actually agreed to this. They would probably laugh their butts off seeing me trying to be gung-ho and 'struggle' through those monkey bars. 

Me trying to get onto the monkey bars

Eelyn Kok, Rebecca Lim, Jayley Woo and myself were the self-acclaimed babes team. And I must give credit to my teammates who I think did a great job with their determination, agility, and strength. I'm the least sporty of all; but despite my fear of heights, obstacle courses and knowing I'm not very sporty, going through this course was indeed a challenge for me, which Im proud to say I overcome. Maybe I didn't finish off that well, but I tried and I'm glad I did. In fact, I wouldn't mind going through it AGAIN!! but hopefully the next time, I won't be falling into the pool as often :p

Do catch Battle@Water Margins on Channel 8 premiering on 12 June!!

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