Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pattaya Music Festival 2012

Its 8am on a Sunday and I'm up sweating it out on a spinner, followed by interval sets of skipping, shuttle runs, burpies, jumping jacks and light weights. This is my daily morning routine, INTENSIFIED, since early April when I was very lucky to be selected for this year's Pattaya International Music Festival 2012.
My pretend mic. I used to pretend my remote control was my mic when I was little

This music festival celebrated musicians from all over the world, with names such as Rain, Girl Generation, JJ Lin etc honing the stage previous years. I was extremely excited when I was called in to send my resume, and I was praying by some chance I would be chosen. Thank God! I got through.

A chance to do a full 40mins segment all by myself!! Like a mini concert..Hahaha I was so extremely psyched. I had only 18 days to ramp up my endurance and work up to the peak. There were some who were worried if I could pull through given how difficult/almost impossible for a miracle to happen in such a short time; breeding negative scenarios in my mind. What if I screw up? What if I let you down??? What if??

It was nerve wrecking.

But I knew I had to overcome this barrier and NOT think so much and just DO IT! So the following 18 days were insane.
Morning: Cardio Training
Afternoon: Singing practices
Evening: Running/Swimming/Cycling
More singing
Dance Practices
12midnight: Sleep

Rehearsals at Hall dance studio. Miss those hall days when we would dance till the wee hours of the morning

Yes! AND I had to stay away from chocolates, fried stuff, oily food, spicy...haha basically anything tasty, lest my voice or health goes hay wire. All these were seriously intense because of all the mental stress.

Mummy was really sweet to prepare plain simple lunches/dinner that taste good too

But I'm glad I went through this. Cos, I learned, in life, there isn't time for what if. And opportunity is only for those who are prepared. And I'm not going to spend my time worrying, I just have to do what I should and can. Yes, maybe time seems short, but I'm gonna do the best I can with whatever I have. We'll let fate and God take care of the rest.

Nearing my departure for Thailand, I had wardrobe crisis! Shoe crisis (We finally decided and bought THE shoe THE DAY BEFORE i fly)!! Couldn't find a suitable costume and shoes that would be comfy enough for me to move around while I swelter in the heat.

And weather crisis! It was forecasted to be thunderstorming the entire weekend, then suddenly forecast of 42degrees! And I had to grapple with changes to be made to my set due to timing (which was changing almost every other minute). A full dress rehearsal that wasn't entirely great I would say.

Iphone 旅行

Well it seemed Murphey's law was daunting upon us. But my family and wonderful managers/boss, Vincent and Lim Sek never gave up that we could have a fantastic show (haha I'm not too sure if they didn't want to show me their worry, afraid it might scare me off more).

 7 days before we fly, my mind was close to a blank, the first time in my life, I've never felt more engrossed at something, I could feel all my energy channelling to just this ONE thing. I felt tired and energetic at the same time. I woke up every morning with something to look forward to. I don't know if I'm ready for this. I just wasn't thinking...

Full dress rehearsal
Stay with me to find out if it rained, or did I suddenly lost my voice? And suddenly adding new songs to the set ON THE DAY itself! Find out how this bizaar weekend turned out.... SOON

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