Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Truth 3: 10 Things you Didn't Know About Pageants

Truth 3: Salut to our unsung heros

Pageant organizers, the production crew, coaches, wardrobe mistresses, hair and make-up team and chaperons are the faces behind the scenes whom we may neglect. But without them, the show can never go on. I strongly believe that the girls learn to toughen up in pageants, not only because of the stressful and unfamiliar environment, but also because our organizers and chaperons play a role in "whipping" us into shape.

Whinnie!!! our 'nanny'/chaperon :)
We are whipped into shape mentally and physically. It's true that pageant girls eat and we love our food. But being in a 'bootcamp', eating is simply to fill our tummies. Sometimes, it may not be the girls who refuse to eat, it may be our 'officers' who are watching us closely and reminding us of the body baring swimwear round or the body hugging 'I-can'hardly-breathe' gown. Sure, they have to feed us, but food here comes with a price, just so you know. Girls may get upset and feel that the wardrobe mistresses or chaperons are insinuating that she is fat, but to think about it, it's for our own good. At the end of the day, when we can strut in that flat tummy and slender figure we all so desire, we have them to thank! And to those who didn't know, the camera is your friend and your enemy, for the camera adds 30-40% MORE than how you actually are! Aren't our 'officers' "kind" to preempt us?

Like an army sergeant, the chaperons are our sergeants whom we first meet on Day 1. They lay down the rules and prep us for what's to come. You may think that chaperons merely offer assistance, this is never the case. Our sergeants are always on the ball wit our discipline, especially when some girls try to pull a prima donna, or want to stick out like a sore thumb. Like an army officer, they don't always give in to our wants, but rather what is appropriate for our 'platoon'. Teaching us the importance of being a good team player before even thinking of being a team leader. If we can't follow, how can we lead with respect?

Behind the scenes production braving the cold windy chinese new year's eve night, just so we can have a great show!

Production crew, pageant coach, choreographers etc all hard at work at midnight

During my stay in Hong Kong, I really learned to toughed up. The chaperons were concerned, but its seems they were more concerned with how a sick girl might look in the show; so no special treatment was given, nor extra rest time, nor MC to take the day off. The show had to go on. Their best suggestion to me was to sleep whenever we were waiting, or had some free time. I was tired and feeling low, it was then the chaperons pushed me to my very limit, I really wondered why am I being such a sadist and masochist to myself? High fever, cold, no rest, and still work 16-18 hours. It is now that i thank them for their 'lack of concern', because I realized that if I don't stand up, no one will pity you and say " poor girl". This is the real world. This is the job we signed up for, it is only professional that we carry on gracefully no matter what.

Chloe!! our make up artist

Coral!! our make up artist

Being under the wings of these heros make the journey more meaningful, they may be fierce or rigid, but if we go through the process with an open heart, we could learn so much from them. I learned the importance of compromise. In life, we have to give and take and be considerate for the team as a whole. It is indeed every girl girl for herself, BUT for the better of the team. I've also learned that behind every star is a group of stars behind her, without them, a star wouldn't be born.I felt that the chemistry that we develop with our chaperons, coaches and wardrobe mistresses were dear to most of the girls and myself. At the end of a few weeks, our chemistry and working styles were like a flawless waltz between the ones behind the camera and the ones in front of it.

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