Monday, April 9, 2012

林憶蓮演唱会 MMXXII

我对歌后林憶蓮的认识由《伤痕》这首歌开始。小的时候,一听到阿姨选唱她的歌时我都会乖乖坐在阿姨身旁享受那首首好歌。其中如-《伤痕》,《爱上一个不回家的人》,《情人的眼泪》 等经典歌曲都是我喜欢的歌曲,也非常欣赏她那特而有灵魂的歌声。一直都想感受她的现场魅力,上个星期六林憶蓮在Indoor Stadium举办的演唱会时,我当然没错过咯!!


这次的演唱会跨过了多种音乐风格,有Pop, Jazz, R&B, Rock, New Age, Dance, Sentimental 。。。有些部分勾起了熟悉的感觉,像是参杂了阿妹和王非的味道。的确是个多资多彩的秀!!


I've grown up with Sandy Lam since  a little girl as I heard my aunt sing "伤痕"(from her 4th Mandarin album Love, Sandy) and I would sing along not knowing what those lyrics meant. But the melodious tunes and the MV from "伤痕" some how left an impression on me. I've always had an affinity towards her delicate voice and her touching songs. 

Last Saturday, I was delighted to catch a great concert by Sandy Lam LIVE in Singapore! She was powerpacked with energy and dance, and also power packed when she belted out, showcasing her vocals in her latest songs.

I really enjoy her unpretentious and natural performance on stage. Seeing how much she was enjoying herself made us, the audience feel like we were being part of her family and friends just grooving along with her on a saturday night :)

Sandy Lam's take on contemporary dance

我最喜欢的一个表演。。。"I Swear"


dancers 都非常棒!!

和她的发型师Kim Robinson一起在台上唱"伤痕"

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