Sunday, April 8, 2012

Truth 2: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Pageants

Truth 2: Pageant is a bootcamp

Pageants isn't all glitz and glamour. It is a bootcamp embellished with diamond tiaras, designer swim wear, and elaborate gowns. We start out our mornings as early as 4 or 5am and end our days as late as 12 midnight or later. The long hours are mostly intense and packed with rehearsals and a whole lot of waiting. 

Whisked off to Peach Blossom Island,桃花岛, for military training under the China-Asean Image Ambassador 

I used to think that pageants were holiday camps, where the contestants had it easy, looking all beautiful and made up all day and night, attending parties and having ample beauty sleep. Having gone through a couple of international pageants, i must say that amist all the glamour that we see, pageants are not a holiday camp where you can sit back and relax.

Training at 630am

Minimal sleep throughout the competition phase is a norm, as there are tons of rehearsals to attend, waking up at wee hours in the morning to get hair and make-up done, and homework to be done! YES, homework. We do need to write short essays pertaining to the competition, our interest, and knowledge of the host country. So pageant girls aren't all that dumb!

Like an army camp, our daily dos and dont's are scheduled. A simple example is when nature calls, going to the bathroom is usually a no-thinking process. But in here, bathroom breaks are scheduled. Having a strong and obedient bladder definitely helps. It does sound robotic, but we should appreciate such training. Especially during the final live telecast, if we weren't 'potty trained', wouldn't it be a hassle to have missing girls in the bathroom? And you know, live shows wait for no man.

Being 'reminded' of our attitude to be grateful that we have this opportunity to be here

We have been in this same old uniform for the past 5 days

Pageants do test our physical stamina too. That is the killer-heels segment. We have to be in sky high heels of at least 5-inches from sunrise to midnight. We have to practice our walks in heels, dancing in heels, attending events in heels etc. Behind every girl's bright smiles, are blistered toes, and ankles, cramped feet, and sometimes bleeding blisters. However, their unfaltering attitude has taught me that although no one sees their sweat, blood and tears, we have to continue to be strong and carry on, and put on a great show for everyone. At the end, if we can take home this "never die" attitude, i feel that we are all winners. It may not be taking home a prize in this competition, but if we continue to stand up each time we fall, we will be winners sooner or later, in pageants or in other areas. 

Another set of uniform for rehearsals during the Ms Chinese Int. Pageant, in TVB newest studio

Me and Bianca (Ms Auckland)

Besides complimenting on the girls endurance, i must also compliment a group of unsung heroes. who deserve enormous credit too. They create a strict yet support environment that contributes to how pageant girls learn to be tough and rough it out. Stay Tuned!

A bunch of 'glam' girls after a long day of training..
this was taken at 12midnight and we were up since 5am...and another 5am the next morning

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