Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Golden Jubilee

The year 1998, 
I was in Primary 5,
and one of the requisites of an 11 year old kid in Singapore was to attend the National Day Parade preview show. 
That show was the start of it all.

It was the 1st time I felt what patriotism was (in a less chimalogic expression)
when tears were just rolling down my face as we recited the pledge and sang our anthem.
As a kid, that was standard protocol every morning,
which really didn't strike me much.
Pretty much more like a chant that we learn and just follow.
But somehow, that night, that little Majulah Singapura seedling trigger something.

I felt so so so so blessed to be a part of something and somewhere so huge and great but yet so homely and comfy.
I felt safe and thankful.
Or perhaps it was the goodies loaded fun pack and McChicken burgers that sold me...
Just Joking. (technically, being a foodie kid that might have sold me)
But what really moved me was the songs, the singing.
The classic hits "Count on Me Singapore"
"Stand up for Singapore"
"This is my country This is my flag"
That eventually lead up to the pledge and anthem really got to me.
And from then on,
my dream was to stand on that National Stadium Stage and sing our National song.
Up till this very day,
this childhood dream holds strong and one of the reasons why I wanna be a performer.
I wanna do Singapore proud, 
contribute in my own way,
big or small,
and if I would have the honour someday to stand on that stage,
it would be my greatest greatest GREATEST privilege.

And this year we celebrate our Golden Jubilee with a long #redandwhiteweekend.
I started out our celebrations on the 1st August with the NDP preview show!!
Thanks to the Jean Yip Group who were part of this year's NDP parade, 
giving back to Singapore styling the performers hair,
we had tickets to the previews and actual show!
And the most exciting part of the show for our family this year is watching Aunty Dawn!
She was invited to sing at this year's NDP!!!
So so so proud of her and it's so meaningful cos it's SG50.

And when this came on screen, 
I was jumping up and down!!
Hey Hey is that our mata mata peeps!!!
I was in that uniform too!!!
Suddenly I felt like,
"I'm really part of history too!!"

That was really one of my greatest takeaway given the opportunity to be on mata mata,
a way in which I could be a part of and play out our history.

check out that cute photo bomber there. Our Nuffnang manager, Selina!! Haven't met this girl in ages, and that week, we so coincidentally met twice. haha can buy 4d.

Spent the #redandwhiteweekend watching the LKY musical.
The fact that it's our Golden Jubilee and the year we mark the passing of our founding father, the man behind everything we have now, pulled our heart strings. 
The LKY musical gave a good glimpse into the wave of struggles and tenacity Mr Lee and Singapore had.
It was indeed a time when no one saw that Singapore could make it, 
But We Did.
He built a nation strong and free....
Reaching out together in peace and harmony.....
*now altogether....*
"This is my country
This is my flag
This is my future
This is my life
These are my family
These are my friends
We are Singapore

On a separate yet similar note,
I always make it a MUST to wear red and white on national day yearly.
We're Singaporeans mah, must bask in the "ang ang mood" (ang= lucky red)
This year it's #redandwhiteweekend ootd for the long weekend!!

Spec: Le Specs
Top: HnM
Skirt: Zara
Belt: Giordano Ladies
Shoes: Tory Burch

 Spent much of the Golden Jubilee filming,
and here's the mata crew (incomplete, missing Shu An, Rifat and Daren) wishing you and Singapore

Love You Much Singapore!!

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