Thursday, July 30, 2015

Funtastic Family

Can't believe it's July is ending, and that's how late I am with this post! T'was sitting as my draft for like a month and since I couldn't get it out early July, shall wrap this July up on a colourful note :)
Our family always greet the month of July with a gastronomic affair coz it's Aunty Dawn's birthday, she's a food connoisseur, funnest aunt ever and THE most talented singer!! 


Theme for the night was Colourful!! With the prettiest and most colourful dessert spread that we were all lurking around the WHOLE entire night. No kidding man....was like a lion preying over the sweetest and most tempting macaroons, chocolates, cakepops, luscious creamy birthday cakes (so lions probably couldn't care less about dessets, but you get the idea). It was such a dilemma, can't wait for dinner to be over so we can feast on desserts, BUT,  Chef Mama's homemade Japanese omakase menu was simply too amazing and we just wanted more of it. HOW?!?!? Calories and being full wasn't the issue here, we wanted both the food and were preying over the desserts in between courses. Greedy right!! but how not to be greedy when everything is so good?? 

Presenting to you, Chef Mama's very own omakase dinner. Here's only some of the courses, greedy me ate up the rest. Mama's really creative and meticulous and SUPERWOMAN. She designed the menu, went to the market, cooked, and individually plated each course for 50 over peeps!! 

 And if you think the food and desserts are overwhelming enough. There's still games and dress up!!
Haha dressed papa and several other guys in Chinese Princess costumes and laugh all our calories away!! Papa attempting to be Chang er.....errrrrrrrrrrr


Thanks for always cracking us up papa but we prefer you like this... your beard didn't go too well with your Princess ootd. But no matter what you're always #onfleek

On a side note, had to post this last pic cos I'm loving this dress from Reformation so much. They're eco-friendly clothes that don't kill the environment. Their dresses are always perfectly feminine, with a subtle sexy touch. 

See you guys in August :)


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  2. Hi Cheryl. I admire the fact that despite your busy schedule, and your parents busy with the business, u all could always gather around for a big family event. Takes alot of effort and time to organise them. Keep it up. Hope to see you post often. Jiayou! 


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