Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sinful Sundays

In honour of the weekend, I'm treated myself to one of my favourite breakfast desserts,
And since I was going to for body combat later on, rightfully I do feel I need some fuel.

Found this Hokkaido cafe along one of the alleys in Taipei's ZhongShan District. Konayuki is under the umbrella of Hokkaido's dessert chain store, LeTao, famed for their airy light cheesecakes. But what drew me to this place was their thick fluffy pancakes drizzled with strawberries. I couldn't pass on pancakes, not when they look so fluffy.

The berries pancakes (NT360) took about 20mins cos they're made fresh upon ordering. It was fluffy-dense and more like a cake-like texture. The pancakes itself weren't overly sweet nor special to wow about. Tasted pretty much like your average Moringa Pancake Mix that you can get in the supermarket.  Perhaps that's why they are famed for their Cheesecakes instead, which is actually flown in from Hokkaido. I had it some time ago during one of their food fairs, it has a light creamy cheesy texture that would be more worth the while than the pancakes. 

There's also a minimum charge per customer of at least one drink or a sundae and a food item per table.

No. 1 Lane20 Sect2 Zhongshan North Road
02 2522 2020

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