Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Whiten and protect your skin all at once

Being a lady in today's day and age makes for a whole bunch of things to worry about. From the perpetual 2kg we need to shred, to never being able to find anything to wear (despite having a wardrobe that's bursting), to wrinkles and how some ladies would rather be caught wrapped up like a walking mummy than to even bare 1 inch of skin in the sun.

 I'm kinda "bochap" when it comes to taking such extreme measures to wrap myself and cook me under all those layers of long sleeved UV jackets especially in scorching Singapore. Neither is it possible to layer myself like a mummy when we're on outdoor shoots. Most of the time we're pretty much running out and about in the sun. When we were shooting a month long in Batam last year for Mata Mata, the prolonged exposure to the sun left me with drier, patchy uneven skin tone. That seemed to leave my manager in quite a frenzy.

Hence, they suggested I bathe in sunscreen or milk or whatever that'll bring my skin tone back to normal at least. Thing is, I like my daily beauty regime fuss free, my moisturizer is a MUST, and sometimes, with all that lotion on, I tend to forget to slather on sunscreen. Especially because most sunscreens leave you feeling thick and creamy, and I'll look like I'm perspiring white glue in a couple of hours. 

Thankfully I was sent some of Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum. We're usually told to be cautious of whitening products cos under exposure to sun, it might even reverse the effects!! eekkkss!! Thankfully for Nivea's breakthrough technology, this whitening serum not only WHITENS, but also PROTECTS, with SPF 25PA++. Perfect for people like me, who can't keep up with a complex regime.  It's all-in-1! Enriched with Vit C from Camu Camu (fruit that looks kinda like a grape that contains more Vit C than any other known plant in the world), which naturally helps to lightens skin tone.

Best thing is, you know that sticky gooey texture I fear most about sunscreen, and how I'll be perspiring white sweat in a few hours. Good news is, you'll get NONE of these with this Nivea Whitening Serum. It's lightweight in texture, just like your usual moisturizers, and quickly absorbed into the skin. And since it whitens and protects at the same time, it's simple and easy as a daily regime. Not only I can consolidate my skin care regime all into 1, but also, instead of packing in bottles and tubes of moisturizer and sunscreen, all I have carry around is 1 bottle of serum when we're on outdoor shoots. Overall, it's a pretty damn decent product that is affordable at only S$10.90 and available island wide, and did I mention that it only takes 14 days to see visible results too!!
And last but not least, I'm ending with a round of GIVEAWAYS!! 
All you gotta do is share your best kept whitening secrets here on my blog to win S$50 worth of Nivea products :) 

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  1. Ice facial to brighten up your face and this helps constrict the large pores without using chemical toners.

    Green Tea ( powder or satchel )
    Liquid soft gel vitamin E / lemon juice / calendula oil,
    Ice cube tray
    Warm water

    First, you're going to want to steep your tea until it's a dark green color in the warm water.
    Add liquid soft gel vitamin E / lemon juice / calendula oil into the warm green tea.
    Carefully pour the warm green tea into your ice cube tray, and let it freeze like you would with regular ice cubes.
    To use them, simply rub a cube all over your face, massaging in small circles.

    - LHJ

  2. I use papaya scrub and nivea berries lotion on my skin to leave it soft.I also mix flour,milk,tumeric and egg whites to form a paste and place it on my face,washing it with water after use.Tumeric helps to whiten and heal skin.Milk helps to moisturise the skin while egg white helps to tighten pores:)

  3. of course the best whitening is staying out of the sun:)

  4. The best kept secret is passed down by my grandmother by using natural skin whitening ingredients - using almonds for skin whitening. To use the same soak 4-5 almonds in milk early morning. Peel the almonds and using same milk and saffron strands make a smooth fine paste in the mixer. Apply this paste on the face and neck and leave it overnight. Splash cold water on face and clean the skin in the next morning. Use this almond skin whitening remedy everyday for 15 days to observe the desired results.

    1. Hi Michelle!! Congrats!!!! You're our lucky winner for this round of Nivea giveaways :))) Thank you for your traditional whitening tips. Please email charmaine.lim@nuffnang.com and leave your contact details for us to get in touch with you. Thank you!!!

  5. My best secret is to use Nivea UV whitening serum. I've been using for quite some time and I really really love it! Not just that it gives me SPF 25 PA++ it also have 95% vitamin C purity! I love the smell of it and its non sticky which i really really love it! Indeed my skin became more radiant and fairer! I will continue to use this product! :D

  6. i think everyone should try this method, its very simple and the required item could be found in every household.

    Rice water can be taken daily as you wash the rice before each meal. Instead of draining the rice water away, you can use rice water to wash your face.

    Reason because rice water is rich in antioxidants, helps protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun. So after i help my mum with washing the rice before cooking, I will use it to wash my face because this is a whitening solution for dirt cheap prices.

  7. Lemon, is a natural exfoliator and very effective in skin whitening. I uses home made face mask using honey and lemon juice. It sure does helps. Apart from that drink lots of water! Wear lots of sunblock. Alternatively, you can also apply tomato puree on your face and leave it for 20 minutes.

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