Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ahhhhMAYzing weekend with Cozzecloset

This is an ahhhhhhhhMAYzing month =) 
Cos it's a monthful of long weekends and public holidays!!
So you know what happens when I get the day off...

Went down to Quayside Isle, and lazed at Sabio by the Sea.
Sipping my juice in my shades with my silver necklace and thick silver bracelet like a total gangster with swagger. (hey wait, juice don't sound too "gangsterish"...yeah I was sipping on alcohol yo!) 

But don't mess around with me y'all. 
Got my bling and my game face on.
*Gosh I must have scared the waiters,  maybe that's why the food was good and the portions were right*
I should really reconsider snagging this look more often. 
Get more bang for my buck!

ehhhhhh hold it.
You must be thinking what the hell just got into this girl?!?!
random ramblings that went through my head for a minute there. 
*gangster ego dark side slipping out* (evil face rubbing hands together)
So anyways, what I wanted to share with you was my lovely weekend by the Isle, and some pictures I took of my hands, fingers and neck.
Well no, I'm not some crazy narcissist who's into my body parts,
I wanna share with you this ahhhMAYzing accessories store 

Note: the focus is on the bracelet, not on what I'm gonna eat. But hell yeah I was going in for the kill with that choco croissant
This isn't part of the accessories, BUT, now you can focus on what I was eating. You cant see the steak, yeah there was quite a substantial portion in there.

I make quite a good hand model don't ya think

Thank you Cozzecloset for your accessories. 
Click and shop now! 
Or else....
Don't say I didn't warn you about my dark side muahahaha

Disclaimer: you must be thinking "this girl is off or bipolar or something". I'm good :) holidays just crank me up.

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