Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Tiramisu Hero

Last Friday, B. and I went on a "blind date" with 2 lovely girls from Love and Bravery. Felt like it was a "blind date" cos neither of us has met either of them. But we arranged a dessert meeting cos I've been meaning to thank these girls for sponsoring and putting outfits together for a recent shoot. These days, with digital convenience, people can work together and actually not meet or really know each other. But I still prefer some things the old fashioned way. Nothing beats face to face meet ups. On my way there, I was still wondering how I was gonna spot them, haha luckily there was only one table with 2 girls and 2 empty chairs. 
Anyhoots, it was a nice casual meet up with delicious desserts to break the ice. I like how desserts have this effect on people, and make strangers clique on some common ground.

I first chanced upon The Tiramisu Hero one day while shopping along Haji Lane in this little shop selling old school knick knacks. After my 1st jar, I was sold! The heroine behind Sir Antonio is by ablogger, whose blog I enjoy reading, Peggy , she's one brave entrepreneur and through her blog, it made me appreciate the sweat and tears that goes into the makings of the Tiramisu Hero. She was at the cliff's end, yet still took the courage to step out of her comfort zone. Initially, The Tiramisu Hero could only be found at selected cafes and through online orders. Before you know it, everyone had their eyes on this masked hero, and finally, a couple months back, Sir Antonio has a home on its own :)  

2 Thumbs up for the Heroine Herself!!
I really admire brave heroines/heros like Peggy who take chances and overcome challenges to pursue their goals, ambitions and dreams. Especially those who are so hands on with their whole journey. And when you see them mother their "babies", growing steadily and successfully, you really feel inspired by them and they deserve our support! I wish you the very best of luck girl :)

From the grassy green lawn, to the hanging ladders on the ceilings and unmatchy yet well coordinated wooden chairs makes you feel like to stepped into the whimsical home of this masked owner, Sir Antonio. We ordered the Strawberry Tiramisu, Milo and Original (S$7.90 each). Sir Antonio sure knows his way to treat his guests; creamy layers of mascarpone cheese and moist lady fingers contained inside little jars. Our favourite is still the Original, with the right amount of sweetness and slight alcohol to bring out the coffee flavour. 

Love and Bravery embellished top, Innit Polka Dot Shorts
Ze Obligatory Shot

The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Thur-Tue: 11am-10pm

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