Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sunday Brunch at Kudeta

Call me crazy but I start my Sunday brunches with planning a few days ahead. I'll get so excited and start checking out blogs, magazines, foodie app etc etc to check out where shall be my next mecca shall be. But who's judging when it's a Sunday brunch right! This is a completely #latergram post cos it's probably been 5 months since I enjoyed a lazy Sunday brunch, and recently I've been missing my favourite activity so much I decided to do a post on it and reminiscence on this sweet Sunday. It all started off when I came across an eye-popping post on the The Gourmet Estorie of Ku De Ta's Sunday Buffet Brunch *eyes go tink tink tink*

Since the Crab Benedict received many good reviews online, this shall be the 1st thing in my tummy. The fresh sea sweetness of the chunky crab panfried in panko topped with the runny eggs benny yolk is one good combi we don't usually think of with traditional crab cakes. 

I won't usually order fresh oysters on my own, but since my dining partners ordered some, ah wells..just eat! The ones that came looked refreshingly dressed, so I decided to have a go at it. The trio of freshly shucked oysters were accessorized with lemon juice, some minty basil sauce and salmon roe.  Fresh with a nice zesty touch to it.

Next up, I had the steak and eggs, it was kinda tough and nothing to rave about, unless you really want some hard core protein, I would say skip the steak. The Rosti was totally hard and unappetizing too.

Since the steak and eggs didn't exactly meat up to our expectations, we decided to have the black angus burger. The meat was nicely seasoned and juicy, however the melted emmental cheese was kinda sporadic to even taste the cheese. I really enjoyed the lightly salted chunky wedges at the side. I'm really in for a CARBISIDE!!!

Some say it's non-strategic to have Carbonara pasta at a buffet, but it's exactly cos I'm at a buffet that why I wanna have it. Cos it's usually smaller, meaning I get to satisfy my various cravings. However, you might want to share this one, despite the smaller portion, it's gonna fill you up real fast and my take on a buffet is SHARING and try as many different things as possible :)

The Spicy Beef Pizza comes with minced wagyu beef, tomatoes, onions, and a quite a fair bit of chilli for the heat. The portion for this one is substantial, like one of those you get at a tapas bar/lounge bites. It was kinda hard to wolf down the entire pizza with just the couple of us at the table. But I couldn't resist ordering almost everything cos the other table of 10 next to us had almost everything on the menu, and they ALL LOOK SO GOOD!!!

Last but not least, I also had my pancake fix. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with sugared nuts and drizzle on some saccharine sweet maple syrup...ohhh la la the perfect way to melt a girl's heart.

And with all that food in me, I still had the stomach and guts to head for more desserts!! The cakes and were your usual sweets at dessert counters, but the mini lemon meringue tarts were memorably good! The tartness of it was a nice way to balance of a very very full morning. Thank God desserts were in bite size portions (One of the only things that were buffet portion). 

After 2 1/2 hours of non-stop eating, I think we stuffed ourselves enough for a week's supply of food. Definitely not something we can do often, but every once in a long long while, it's quite satisfying to just eat to your heart and belly's content and then proceed to a nice long after nap...

Outfit from Topshop

We paid S$88++ per person which includes free flow of juices, soft drinks and milkshakes
And it'll be S$148++ for cocktails, sangria and draft beers.


  1. The rosti looks completely unappetizing... No complaints about the view though! hahaha...

  2. Hi.. As a chef from kudeta and a fan of u, I would recommend that you should try out our normal Ala-crate menu