Friday, July 13, 2012

New MV Shoot starring our very own Happy Shiny Couple

Last month we were on the search for a Happy Shiny couple, "晴天族" to star in our upcoming MV. After weeks of scouting for our possible candidates along Orchard Road and via Facebook, we narrowed down to 10 contestants after which we held a meet-and-greet/Final Judging at Serangoon Nex. A big thank you to all the sporting contestants that were part of our search!! And CONGRATS to Yew and Tiffany who strike us as the perfect couple :) 

Kickstart of Happy Shiny People on the 9th June 2012 at Nex 
Judges for the day. From Left: My boss aka Mr Lim Sek Director of Music and Movement, Myself judging intently, My dad 
The ever witty and funny DJ Ken! He always has a way to break the nervous atmosphere and make everything lighthearted
Our top 10 Happy Shiny People!!! Congrats guys :) You are all amazing to me!!!
Congrats Yew being selected to be our male lead!! This guy has one helluva supporters. Tiffany slipped away too quickly before I could get a pic with her.

Finally, after a month of planning and discussions, our very young and talented directors/producers from Wok and Roll finalized a mini-movie story board which we felt it was pretty cute. So I'm really excited to see how our mini movie/MV would turn out.

Congrats Tiffany and Yew, our stars for the upcoming MV!! 

Fast forward to the 7th July 2012, we were up by 530am prepping hair/make-up and our production crew busy prepping the props for the day. I was pretty psyched about the location, Punggol Waterway. Haha you must be wondering why so "swaku". There's been so much hype about this place-newspaper reviews, my dad cycled there a couple of times and was so excited how scenic it was, and Punggol Waterway seems to be a popular spot among friends who are balloting for flats, thus I was pretty excited to film at this new and improved side of Singapore.

Good Morning Peeps!! Thank You Wing for the make up :)
Thank You Joe for always making my hair look so perfect
If you happen to come by Punggol Waterway, do stop for a photo opp under this dome. Lots of cyclist were snapping pics here too that day. 
"little Tiffany" starring Hou Mun. She was so adorable and excited she hardly had lunch before the shoot! I was getting hungry seeing her munching the HK egglets away as we were shooting. 
Yew was a "pia kia" and Tiffany the "kuai" one always being bullied by Yew! (Photo credits: Tiffany Yong)
Filming at the SK Jewellery Boutique at Jurong Point (Photo credits: Tiffany Yong)

As much as I like rainy mornings, I was so worried that the weather might fail on us on Saturday. Thank God for the blue skies and gentle breeze that morning!! Punggol Waterway didn't fall short of expectations. Or perhaps, I was in such a good and excited mood that everything seems nicer ;) 
But the scenic park definitely made filming easier, as the whole atmosphere really helped put me into the romantic and lighthearted mode. 

Punggol Waterway. 

The stars of the day, Yew and Tiffany, were very professional and accommodative. The first shot was actually the last scene where to stood under this carriage like structure and got married. Awww~~~ It was so sweet and romantic. In fact, there were moments when we weren't filming and on standby, and Tiffany and Yew were standing alone fixing his bow tie, while he straightened her wedding gown.  hmmm I wondered if something is going on??? Haha could it be matchmaking turning into reality?? I'll definitely keep you guys posted if there are real sparks in the air! 

The amazing producer, Rachel and Lun the Director from Walk and Roll. It was a joy working with this young, talented and passionate team!

Stay tuned to my blog or OMY, our official media launch for this MV!! Can't Wait!! 

Happily Ever After

I want to shout out a Big Thank You to SK Jewellery for being a very generous sponsor and supporter of this project. Thank you for the prizes, for embellishing us with fine jewellery, the icing on the cake for our female stars. Thank You Love Bonito for your patience and being so greathearted with the clothes sponsorship. We enjoyed picking out items from  your studio/"dream walk-in wardrobe"!! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You each and every one of you who have made this MV possible and a joy to work on :)

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