Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battle of the 5 Senses

I've been involved in a couple of battles lately. And my latest victory wold be TVB's Battle of the 5 Senses! 五觉大战.

It is a game show that has 2 opposing groups battling over a series of interesting games that challenges us based on your 5 senses. So if you've been wondering why I seem to be missing in action, you're absolutely wrong, cos the past week was an all out action pack week!

An army of 35 people flew in from Hong Kong's TVB, with numerous well known artiste invaded the shores of Sentosa early last week. I was barely briefed on the details but was just told to play the games/battles to my utmost ability. 
First up was to test our sense of Touch.
We were blind folded and given 3 local delicacies to feel and guess what was it. So I was expecting fruits, spices, dried ingredients, well basically uncooked food. When they submerged my hands into the first bowl, it was wet, warm, and cooked! Some sort of soupy food. And the next few items were slimy and gooey. Any idea what was I touching??  
Photo credits: Janice Chan. Thank you!!
First item we have to guess: Bak Kut Teh (photo credits from Yahoo Images; My hands were way too occupied to be taking any pictures)
Second item: It felt slimy and gooey...YES! its lor mee (Photo Credits: Yahoo Images)
Third item wasn't that difficult because the prawns were pretty obvious and the smell of it. (Photo credits: Yahoo Images)

Next, was to challenge our Hearing.
We had to go under water and say a phrase in cantonese and our group mates were suppose to guess what we said. After which we have to sing a song under water and they have to guess again.  really enjoy singing, and I must say singing under water to a microphone sure is a first for me. And it bringing singing to a whole new level! I couldn't help but drank loads of pool water, and when it's broadcasted out, haha it sounded nothing like how little mermaid sounded under the sea. Well You have to catch it to hear how.....different.... I sound.
Each team member has to sing a song underwater while the rest try to guess.

Another challenge we had was a stripping challenge! Don't get too excited yet!! We had to wear a chinese zoombie outfit, those long jackets which had 38 buttons, and in one motion remove ALL 38 buttons from top to bottom! Sounds Easy?  We couldn't help but laugh at everyone who tried, cos somehow people seem to fall on their knees while tearing the coat apart. Try it getting in the mood with someone using this technique, I guarantee all the tension built up, would be gone in a second!
Stripping down at 42 storeys above ground! Eric Tseung's bet to King Kong was to strip till there are 3 remaining button at the bottom!!! 
金刚哥最喜欢吃的是新加坡BENGAWAN SOLO 绿蛋糕

It's really enjoyable to play these games with veteran actors/actresses such as 志伟哥, 盈盈姐, Toby姐,  思琦姐, 麦包哥,金刚哥 and many many more. They were very fun and sporting, that made the whole atmosphere not seem like a battle or work. Although we had to wake up at 530am every morning and usually get back to our hotels around 11pm or midnight, it didn't feel that tiring or exhausting the whole of last week. I was so excited to wake up every morning to to have more fun with these wonderful and down-to-earth celebrities with the challenges of the day!
盈盈姐和 Toby 姐你们太棒了!谢谢Toby 姐您的分享。我会努力!

Another interesting sighting for me last week was my first experience with the HK 狗仔, the papparazzi. We hear all these stories how these "dogs" can sniff out celebrities whereabouts and capture "accidental" moments. I saw it first hand!! 
True Blue Papparazzi
They managed to sniff their way to Singapore on the night the TVB artistes arrived, and managed to find their way to stay on the same level as us by the 3rd day! Aren't they truly capable! The papparazzi followed extremely our schedule extremely closely. Sometimes I wonder how do they actually know what time are we leaving to where and when? To be a papparazzi, not only you have to be resourceful and on your toes at all times, you have to be VERY patient. For most of the time, they were waiting in some inconspicuous corner, with their long lens ready on target AT ALL TIMES! just to wait to shoot something news worthy. Which makes me appreciate the 'docile-ness' of Singaporeans and the mutual respect of space. As it gets quite nerve wrecking at times when you don't know when your next wardrobe malfunction might be tomorrow's headline news!

Trying hard to be Alex's Back up dancers....but FAIL!!!

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