Thursday, April 12, 2012

《晴天》 One Fine Day

My《One Fine Day》is finally here! 
The day I've been dreaming of since I was a kid.
It's here.
12 April 2012.

Grab yours at any CD-RAMA today!!!

After more than a year of searching for the right songs, the right lyrics, and working through this album, 《晴天》One Fine Day is finally born.. No there isn't a song 《晴天》. Neither am i referring to the weather on this one. 《晴天》 is about an attitude towards life, and it's my take on how I approach situations in life. I'm a happy person in general, but surely like everyone, I experience ups and downs, challenges and setbacks. But I have grown to learn that when I approach things with a positive attitude, and take it in my stride, more often than not, things turn out well. Maybe not as what I expect, but I come out stronger and better as a person. 《晴天》is also about a group of people. A group of people who are like sunshine. We can't help but smile when we see their 1000watts smile. Their positivity fills the room with energy. And these are the people whom I admire. And I hope that through my songs, I can pass on this happiness and smile. That's my 《晴天》.

《晴天》didn't merely come out of nowhere. We, (all the wonderful producers, Lim Sek, myself, and my loved ones) sat down and really brainstorm long and hard what is it that I, Cheryl Wee, want to present to the world. And I felt that I want to put myself, the real Cheryl Wee, the sincerest part of me into this debut album. The makings of the album was a fun process, and my learning curve in terms of singing was a steep one for me. But the makings were not without its problems. 

I had to be on my toes and try and pick up the producer's requirements for the songs, I had to push myself vocally and grasp techniques that were rather new to me. And I was all alone. Producers and teachers could only do so much, I had to learn to listen and understand my weakness and find out the answer myself. It is only then, that I truly learnt. Simultaneously, I was holding  part-time job managing 6 nail outlets. Though my parents hardly gave me pressure to produce to expectations, I felt it was my responsibility to carry out my duties. At times, when both sides seem to weigh heavily on me, I broke down not knowing where am I going? Why do i feel like I'm in "no-man's land"? I felt like giving up either one, because I felt I wasn't giving my best to other side. 

It was after this ordeal that made me realize that I want to make this album happen. I saw how fortunate I already am, so what's a little more hard work. What's a little more sacrifice. I'm going to have to grow up and learn to manage my time and juggle more than 1 thing on my plate. I think this album 《晴天》is the BEST thing that has happen to me as yet. Because, its me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to carve my path. Its my learning ground, where I am doing what I love, but I don't want to be afraid of making mistakes and falling. Because its only when I'm not afraid to fall, that I will learn how to stand, and stand on my own. 

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