Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My BFG: Big (Bear) Friendly Giant

I would like to introduce another member of our family, BEAR!! And he's our Big Friendly Giant. We named him Bear for obvious reasons, cos he looks like a bear and he's huge!! 

Our Big Friendly Giant knows knows who and when to be unfriendly too, haha he was trying to suss out if our photographer was "family"

Tried giving him a big fat sloppy kiss, but he was in the rain earlier on, so he was kinda stinky...time for a bath Bear!!! any good dog shampoos to recommend??? Someone once told me Dove soap was good!! Yes!! The Dove soap that I use. haha

Bear is one of the smartest German Shepard's we've had. There was a couple of times, when our gate was left open at night, and somehow he sneaked out for a walk, and when he got back, the gate was closed. It didn't occur to us that he would go out by himself, as he doesn't usually run out when the gates are open. But what is amazing is that, he was actually waiting outside the gate the whole time!!! My dad was about to go out for his cycling at 530am, and guess who he saw waiting at the gate??? BEAR!! 

Bear's not really a fan of accessories, as you can see..

I rushed home to snap some photos with Bear yesterday, thinking I could show you guys how my favourite Giant looks like. The sweetest thing was when he greeted me this morning, sitting right outside our breakfast table, with his paw waving at me! Hahaha, this is one of the memorable moments Bear puts a smile on my face. (Though I think he was pawing me so I would reward him with some of my breakfast :p)

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