Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happenings of the week: part 2

Recently I have been experiencing many "First-Time" moments....and one of them is.........

being in the hot seat in 933 and 100.3 studio! We always see guests stars in these studios and I always wondered how it would be to be in the hot seat one day. Hahahaha it's pretty darn scary when everything seems to happen so fast and some times some questions catch you off guard. But thanks to the quick-witted djs like 嘉蕙, 坤华 and my all time favourite "beauties"-坚文 and ah Ken, they ease me into this whirlwind journey and made it enjoyable.

One of the most memorable interview was the 100.3 one I went on a few days back. The 2 djs 坚文 and ah Ken from the 哈啦 show are a super hilarious duo. Their chemistry is so seamless and they were really game for ANYTHING!! hahaha I had to 'show' them how to do a catwalk, a girl's catwalk, to 2 guys!! They were really all out to 迷倒全世界的女人和男人!!

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