Sunday, April 1, 2012

A morning with pictures and laughter

We were back at this field couple of days back for a photoshoot. As we had to catch the morning sun we all had to pull another "4am-er". I remember those schooling days when we had to wake up at 5am every morning to wait for the school bus, I thought to myself then, when I was in primary school...that I would find a job that doesn't require me to get up in the wee hours of the day. How ironic, these days , whenever I have a shoot, or anything related, when we get 4am call times I would literally jump out of bed and most of the time, and i'll be too excited to sleep the night before!! Because I feel I have something worth looking forward to...

Refreshing morning view

A was a breeze shooting with Wei Ming our photographer 






心情也舒畅了 .....



A big thank you to our superstar makeup artist Peter Khor for his magic touch

It was getting too hot by noon we had to head back to the studio, because my face was melting as fast as an ice-cream cake

Couple of hours in the sun and I'm "chao ta" ,...burnt and crispy


Getting all curled up for some hair shots 

"Ta-Da"!!! after all that curling

Deconstructing the curls... Can you spot mummy hard at work?

Super straight and silky right after those curls

And we're back to curls again...

Daddy hard at work too 

Its a WRAP!

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