Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sinful Sundays at The Diner

Hey guys! 
Ever since I came to Taipei, I've realized that their breakfast culture is a must. You can easily spot breakfast bars everywhere, serving every kind of toast, sandwiches, mantou/steam buns, eggrolls, and prata-like scallion pancakes 葱抓饼. But these breakfast bars serve only during the AM, and with the Sunday Brunch culture taking over our world one eggs benny at a time, Taipei is definitely heading windwards, and now, there are loads of places you can have ALL-DAY breakkies EVERYDAY! 


One of the widely recommended brunch places on tv, blogs and friends was The Diner. 
And in celebration of N's birthday, we decided to celebrate with Brunch!

Thankfully we've been rather active at the gym, which means we can eat whatever we want! I started off our pig out session with Smoked Salmon and Spinach Frittata (420NTD) and had it changed to an egg-white frittata with an extra topping of avocados. You might be wondering if these healthy swops would compromise on the taste, but believe me, it was just as good! Though the whole dish was slightly on the salty side, the crisp flax seed toast complemented well with the frittata. The portions here are huge! Standard american size. You might wanna share your orders. And each order comes with an orange juice and a refillable coffee or tea.

Another dish we ordered was the Baked Eggs with Oxtail Sugo Breakfast (460NTD). This dish reminded me of a Russian Borscht Soup and Wild Honey's Shakshuka baked eggs. It's like a breakfast pan from all around the world. Though it was heavy but delicious.

Since breakfast is the most important meal, we had to complete it with some sweets. The greedy pig in me kept a watchful eye on the servers while we were having our mains, and most of them were walking around with this thick fluffy stuffed french toast. The Strawberry and cream cheese French Toast (370 NTD)

Thick brioche bread stuffed with strawberries and cream, coated with a golden brown eggs mixture, topped with fresh berries, dusted with some icing powder and drizzled with maple syrup. Sounds good?  Can you imagine the taste already? But sadly, it tasted way better in my head and the looks of it. It was dry and the flavours weren't as robust as we expected it to be.

Unsatisfied with one dessert = order another!!
This is what I call a blessing in disguise.
We ordered the Cinnamon Roll drenched in cream which tasted kinda like a marshmallow sauce. 
The sweets kinda fell short of what we were expecting. Felt this was a tad dry and the cinnamon flavour wasn't soaked into the bun well enough.

All in all, The Diner is a decent brunch spot, but perhaps go for the savories instead.
Be sure to get here early or make a reservation cos it gets crowded especially during the weekends.

The Diner
No. 12 Song Shou Road
Tel: 02-7737-5055

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  1. Ahh the sweets to go for at the diner would be the pancakes! Try that next time over the French toast and cinnamon roll!