Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missy 先生 记者会 || The Caregivers Press Conf.

9 more days and Missy先生 goes on air!! 
Last monday was the official press conference for the upcoming Chinese drama Missy先生 aka The Caregivers. The last time everyone got together was during our wrap in mid December, and though it's been about 2 months since we last saw each other, seems like these 2 months crawled by way way way slower than our 2 chop chop months of shooting. We must had a really good time cos those same 2 months flew by so quickly.

One thing I'm so thankful for is how comfy our cast is together. Everyone is always goofing around with each other; Especially our laughing buddhas, 冰玉and 前辈 (Thomas Gor Gor), cracking us up with their jovial selves. We really take our hats off to them, they shoot everyday all day without a single off day, from before sunrise to after sunset and yet they're as cheery and happy as ever, and they are the ones infecting us with their laughter. 

Doing Missy 先生 version of 5BX. Apparently it's a legit taichi workout set that does help improve circulation and healthy bodies, healthy minds. Not bad not bad we can all still remember how to do it in sync. Watch out for it and exercise along with us yeah *work it baby*

pump it!!

Huge huge thanks to 前辈 for being so patient and kind throughout this 2months. He really had it tough these 2 and a half months of filming. Juggling his work and personal schedule during his minimal off hours, memorizing scripts, running househoold errands, all that and he still finds time everyday to go through scripts with us newbies, explaining how we should tackle certain emotions and go about dealing with the script. Feel so bad whenever I take longer to get through a scene, cos he's already so tired and drained, yet he puts us at ease with his encouragement and help us to finish it well. In my opinion, he is the character he plays in Missy 先生! 

One incident that touched me was during this scene when I was suppose to tear in one of our breakups, yeah we went through quite a few breakups *boohoohoo*. Here comes the challenge, tear just after I finish the lines and have that look of disappointment into his eyes and walk on...*pulling my hair out wondering how?!?!* I really had troubles trying to achieve this and he didn't give up on me and requested I try and try and try until I got it. He tried all ways and all means to evoke that out of me. And finally, what broke me was when he didn't say a word but looked into my eyes like he saw the most vulnerable part of me, held my hand as I spoke and let it go slowly, like those in slow motion, and all those emotions came...All this was not captured on camera but nonetheless, it was just my close up, but he gave me the support, and his efforts to push us to learn and get better. I really really thank him!! Thank you  前辈!! 

I met James while shooting Mata Mata last year. He played the older Kwong Weng, and now we had the chance to be ex-es. Though he plays a bad boy on Missy 先生, he's a really nice good guy in real life, so who do you think bullies who is reel or real life??!??!? 
Tell you more in my upcoming Missy 先生 behind the scenes post..don't forget to stay tuned!!! 

(photos via Channel 8 fb)

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  1. This is mostly well said in this blog even tho I don't fully understand most of the Chinese/Mandarin words ( I'm trying to improve it so yea lol ) I'm not a Singaporean but I just love Singapore so so much and watch most shows from Singapore (Never been there as well but still love Singapore anyways lol) p.s when you smile you look so beautiful, your w great actor and you have a great future ahead of you and will support you all the way