Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Detox Diary: Post Cleanse

I did it!!! 5 days no food!! but I'm feeling GGGrreattt :) 
It's been 3 days after my cleanse and I'm so excited to share my whole juicing experience with you. I was anxious at the thought of no food for 5 days, and I'm not gonna kid you, it isn't as easy but manageable. Here's the details of my experience...

What I love most about the Beauty Cleanse:

Nutritionally Designed (Developed by experienced and certified nutritionist Cherie Calbom).
The additional supplements unique to Beauty Cleanse adds the extra boost to support your cleanse and a thorough cleaning with the colosan powder.
Surprisingly, I didn't feel hungry at all.
I felt energetic throughout the 5 days. It has sufficient nutrients to make sure you can work, play, function normally.
NO sugar cravings since then. Great way to kick a bad habit.
Better Skin. You might have little breakouts during the cleanse, but fret not cos it's part of a detoxification process which will clear.
Appreciate clean healthy food better. Couldn't and didn't want to stomach anything oily and my appetite shrank.
Supportive team from Beauty Cleanse who'll send you motivation emails daily and call to check if you're doing ok. And solutions to whatever challenges you might face.

Top fav! I had it warmed up just before bedtime.
Light and refreshing

Challenges I faced:
  1. The vegetable juices were a little hard to love. Drinking cold kale and celery juices wasn't my fav part of the day.
  2. Had to use the toilet really often, which might be a little inconvenient at work.
  3. Felt Bloated on day 2 and 4 particularly. 
  4. The smell and sight of sitting through meals but only having your juice was close to torture. Don't tempt yourself if possible.
Some questions I had in mind:
  • Some say your body can auto cleanse, so why juice fast?
It's true our body can cleanse itself, but we can show it some love and provide that extra help. Juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break and focus its maximum efforts on absorbing every vital bit of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes from the juices. Detoxification is like giving your body a holiday to recharge and expel all that negative energy so that we can perform optimally again!

  • Is it just another fad diet?
Juice cleanse has been strongly advocated for years under The Gerson Therapy. A natural treatment that activates body's ability to heal itself through raw organic juices. The abundance of nutrients from fresh pressed fruits and vegetables provides your body with superfoods. These substances break down diseased tissue in the body and are released at the same time, so healing can begin.

Would I do it again?

YES!!! This is my 1st time and I'm glad I did it. The recommended cleanse is once every 3-4 months.
Day 5!

 Thank you Beauty Cleanse for rebooting my system. What are you waiting for??? Juice now!! and your bodies will thank you for it. Check out their site for more info.

(photo credits: rachelbambi.com)

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