Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A significant 365 Snake Days flash by...

Happy 365 everybuddy!!! You must be thinking I'm like 30 days late into this post. Well..kinda..but not exactly, since the Lunar New Year is tomorrow!! *excuses excuses*.. Anyways 2013, the year of the slithering snake has been a wonderful year of "firsts" and I couldn't be more thankful, grateful and contented with the best year yet. And I really thank the Lord, my awesomely supportive family and especially my parents, and every God Sent mentor and person, including YOU, yes YOU reading this now, who has given me the most wonderful year and taking a leap of faith with me and journey through this very fruitful and encouraging year. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Ushered in the Snake year on a solo trip to Vegas to perform for the Lunar New Year (gosh! it's like a year flew by so quickly) show with Asia's veteran artistes, and I owe this honour to the magnanimous managers of SilverFish Entertainment and Music and Movement. It was the perfect "work trip"! We got to perform with so many talented idols, watch the spectacular shows in Vegas, savour lip smacking cuisines and shop till we drop!! 

 "A family, like branches on a tree, we grow in all different directions but our roots remain as ONE." Although it's been a busy year for all of us at home, with mei mei studying overseas, the parents and uncles and aunties flying frequently for work, all of us scattered around burying our heads with work and studies, Mama worked extra hard this year to get everyone together and enticing us with her new yummy recipes. 
This year our baby cuzzie, Hua Hua also turned 21! Everyone's all so grown up now, but that ain't stopping us from having fun with the kid in all of us. Since we had so many helium balloons for Hua's Unicorn 21st b'day, we started drinking up the helium balloons for the first time *squeek*

for your entertainment
jumbo crab cakes
frangrant salted fish and beansprout fried rice
char kuey teow! with extra chai po...
crab beeeeee hoooonnn
Mama's famous pandan coconut cake
Happy 21st our dearest baby cuzzie Hua!!

We welcome a new family member into our house this year, Pillow Wee!!! She's like a princess who loves long showers, blow-drys and massages. When you stop massaging her, she'll paw you for more, but with those cute eyes, how to say no to her? 

But we'll never forget and will always always miss our dear Bear Bear who left us this year. He's a great companion and will always hold a special place in our hearts, we love you our Big Friendly Giant.

It's our second year away from my evil neighbours, but we'll be going back to the neighbourhood this year...wooohooo 
Big congrats to my girls, Rachel for opening her FIRST boutique, Unlabelled at Haji Lane and Carmen for being the FIRST among us to put a ring on it!! 

Can't wait to see you all radiant in white Carmen

Mata Mata: First Women's Constabulary
If there's one thing that stood out for me last year, it would be Mata Mata. So many emotions and memories come to mind with this one project. I plainly went for an audition, not expecting much or knowing much, and I received the best experience and time of my life yet. I was shocked and uncertain when I got the role as Elizabeth Lee, like "Are you sure I can pull this off? I don't know 2 hoots about acting" But at the same time, so excited to try something new and totally challenging. It was climbing uphill in that 4 months, literally, cos we had to do all that running and fights; emotionally, learning to cry, laugh, get angry, the ups and downs almost instantaneously and at a switch once the director says "Next Scene"; psychologically, to learn how to think, feel and be Elizabeth Lee, to create a character and be her not to act like her. Mind boggling and it was one tough walk up a hill, but really enjoyed my journey. It's a walk I'll never forget. 
Our cast and crew is THE BEST family outside of home, though we were all tired and drained at some point, knowing that you're in this together and a part of something bigger with everyone holding it out for everyone. These are the bonds and memories that we will all look back and smile at.

"what you staring at!! We very fierce and scary ok!"

First Aid
From Mata to Nurse. Seems like 2013 brought be back to my childhood masak masak days. One day mei mei and I are playing doctor doctor, or teacher and student. Jumped into another world of profession, nurses. To be frank, I had difficulty leaving Elizabeth and Cheryl behind and developing Xiao Xue 小雪 at the start, there are moments when Elizabeth or Cheryl might leak out. Keep a lookout for Missy 先生 which will air this year in March.
Thank you to all the lovely cast and crew who has been so patient and magnanimous with us and me. 
First Time Cosplaying.. 

 Team Work
 Here are some of the great teams of the year. It's true when they say you make better friendships when people go through obstacles together.Work doesn't feel like work when you've got a bunch of fun people who take their work seriously but themselves lightly. There so much ambivalence with every "It's a wrap!" Happy we made it through, sad that it's over.

And we said goodbye to 2013 in the joyous and happiest way yet :)

Dessert Spread made by yours truly: Green Tea Tiramisu, Chocolatey reindeer cupcakes, Chocolate seasalt caramel tart
Aunty Susan who came from HK to celebrate with us. Our vivacious god aunt who made me feel so at home while I was all alone in HK in 2012 during CNY
Victoria Secret's next top model

We made a family trip to Universal Studio Singapore as a Christmas present for the whole family. All smiles and it's back to our younger Disneyland Days :)

apologies for the blurry pics
Best parents awards

Happy 2014 and Happy Horsing around in 2014 guys :) 

photo credits:xinmsn
photo credits: xinmsn
Happy New Year Sir!
I'll always look back at 2013, and very a wide smile on my face. Thank you for a wonderful year!

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