Sunday, October 13, 2013

《再见勾勾》我的亲爱狗狗: Our Goodbye Promise

It's been less than a week since a member of our family, our big friendly giant Bear, has left us. And we really miss him very much. Couple of nights ago, it really dawned on me that Bear will only be a memory from now on. No more warm welcomes from him when we come home, nor his doe-eyed "puss in boots" look whenever we're having breakfast, and especially his happy "dog with bone" face whenever he gets a new bone and TRIES to be inconspicuous about hiding it. He's just so adorable in so many ways...

Missing  him so much, I played HIS song, 《再见勾勾》, a song in my album dedicated to Bear. Though it isn't an original, but when I first heard it, the first thing that came to mind was Bear and how befitting he is of this song. That day was the first time 《再见勾勾》became a sad song to me and I couldn't help but cry my heart out as I sang along..

Bear is one of those rare dogs with a superb temperament, good natured, so good that every single of our friends and family who made friends with him simply adores him, intelligent, faithful, so human like yet in a very innocent animal way.
We have never taught him how to come home, but he goes out on occasional walks alone without our knowledge but NEVER fail to come home and sometimes even wait outside the gate until we open it. 

Sadly, recently his 2 hind legs gave way and it became impossible for him to even stand or walk. He had to drag himself so badly that he was getting bruises and sores from the friction of the floor. He was probably affected by a tumour in his lower legs and there was nothing much we could do to treat him as he is 13year old, and given his age, surgery wouldn't be the best solution. Eventually, we had to put him down cos he was crying every night, perhaps due to the pain and discomfort whenever he wanted to pee and poo but couldn't move. 

We're deeply sadden, but seeing and hearing you suffer was even harder on us. We know that somewhere above the heavens, you're now an angel watching over us, as you have always faithfully done. And we will love you always Bear Bear Wee. I promise. Our Goodbye Promise.《再见勾勾》

When Bear was a little boym daddy use to "dance" around with Bear with his 2 front legs on daddy's chest. 
Bear's last chocolate cupcake...chocolates were his favourite food on earth! 
Once, Bear miss our helper, Rebecca (she's been with us for 24 years), when she went back for a holiday, he thought she wasn't gonna come home, he stayed in her room for 3 days.

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