Sunday, August 4, 2013


Gahhhhhh can't believe it's August!! It didn't seem too long ago that we were counting down into the new year and we're already more than half way through the time flies..
So far, we've been off to a good start this month. Firstly, it's been a fulfilling past 7 months, working on Mata Mata and experiencing lots of new things and changes. Secondly, Mata Mata is FINALLY gonna be out!! Mark your calendars guys, 9th August right after the National Day Parade Channel 5!! Please please do support us. Thirdly, we started the month shooting the new Jean Yip campaign, and I absolutely loved the set and feel of it, half of it was shot on a green screen so I'm really looking forward to see the end product. Though I can't post any pictures now, but keep a lookout on my blog for our behind the scenes yeah. Last but not least, I'm going to Australia tonight :)) So yesterday kinda felt like a mid-year wrap, and today's the start of my vacay Wooohooooo 


We couldn't decide where to eat, so we turned to Duncan's friend's insta for inspiration and ended up at L'etoile, which didn't exactly turn out as satisfying as we expected. The hollandaise sauce on the eggs ben had a weird yolk-y aftertaste that smells a bit like raw eggs. Didn't really wanna have another bite cos it tasted liked it's gonna give us a bad eggy breath. The roasted chicken stuffed with mushrooms wasn't too bad but nothing to rave about either. Since lunch was below expectations, we felt kinda iffy about having desserts at L'etoile and decided to head to Stranger's Reunion. So much for trying some place new...


Thanks for being our taxi uncle for the day Reuben!! While Duncan and I camwhore at your backseat.

Thea by Thara Top, Fabriekshop shorts and HnM wedges

Though the food was so-so, but good friends makes up for everything. 


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