Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last week was such a sweet week! Being on vaca from monday till friday AND it's tgif when I got back, PLUS I had a surprise delivery waiting at home for me. 
A hamper from HoneySpree!! Yippeeee :)


Ever since I started working on my album, I've been on a lookout for good manuka honey to soothe my throat after practices and recordings. It was until I met Beth, one of the directors of HoneySpree, who shared with me her heartwarming story and unique benefits of HoneySpree's manuka blends. 
I became a fan!

Personally, my favourite way of consuming manuka honey is in the mornings or after a singing session,  a spoonful of pure honey straight from the bottle, and let it slowly dissolve. And sometimes, I think I can sing better after a spoonful of honey ;) 


Our vocal chords works exactly like any other muscle in our body, when we overwork it, it will cause friction, plus insufficient lubrication, it'll get sore thus more susceptible to infections and inflammation. But not to worry, cause manuka honey is a god send for singers, teachers, lawyers, mothers, basically anyone who uses their voice, because it helps repair and prevent bacterial infections, micro bacteria and wounds from all that strain.

Honey is also a great natural energy booster. I tried replacing a spoonful of manuka honey with a power bar before my Insanity Workout, and it works! (And you know how insane Shaun T. can be) Manuka Honey supplies energy in 2 states, immediate and sustained, which also means it helps prevent fatigue.

I was drawn to HoneySpree's variety of manuka honeys, they have the good ole manuka, or manuka with ginger (which is great for 'weaker' bodies, and 'removing wind' as they say) and the creamy clover. 


Best thing about HoneySpree is, you don't have to go out and grab a bottle. People who know me, would know that I'm such a bum and my favourite place on earth would be my room and my bed. So when I knew all I had to do was place my order here and honey would be delivered right to my doorstep, I was sold!!

 A big THANK YOU and lots of love to the wonderful people of HoneySpree and Beth for the sweet early Christmas gift (my first present :))
Check out their website for more products and you'll find some thoughtful gift ideas. Stay tuned as I'll reveal more loveable and affordable gift ideas in the next few days ;)
Meanwhile, sending you all honey kisses for a sweet week ahead XX