Monday, December 3, 2012

Dream Home

Heya! How's your week coming along? Did you guys catch Channel 8's 'Project Dream Home' debut episode on thursday? I was very honoured to be a part of this show, and even more thankful to have the opportunity to do something meaningful for someone special, Coris and Rakuma. 
Here are some of the behind the scenes and my thoughts that I'd like to share with you guys.


I came to know about Faithacts when I sang with the Faithacts kids 2 years ago at the Istana for the President Star Charity. Having worked these wonderful kids and Jean, a very kind and sincere social worker from Faithacts, and I began to frequent there. In early Oct, Cassandra gave me the opportunity to be on 'Project Dream Home', and I immediately agreed! I used to watched these reality home reno programs, and now it's my chance! I was so psyched!! Since I was given the choice of whose home to renovate, I decided to spread the love to a less privileged child. Though many of us my see him as less privileged, he's so fortunate to be blessed a great mother who would sacrifice anything for him. Rakuma and Coris.


Coris is an incredibly strong woman and despite her unfortunate situation, she single handedly brings Rakuma up giving him the best care he needs, at the extent of her health, and yet stays so positive. As she has to pay extra attention to Rakuma, she can only take part-time jobs. Both mother and son survives on her less than $500 monthly pay, and at times, when her wallet is running dry from Rakuma's medical expenses, she would only eat 1 meal a day! Just so Rakuma could have an extra meal. Coris made me realize how great mothers are, and how remorseful I am when I take my parents for granted. And why are we discontented that we don't have enough while others are struggling just to fill their tummies. Despite all these, Coris has never given up on her son, and she never fails to look forward to a better future. I truly admire her spirit and strength, she's someone worth looking up to!

Designer from
Our Macho Helpful Friends from Faithacts. Thanks Guys!
Rakuma's original study/dining area
Guess how many hamsters are there?
One of my fav past times in Faitacts..Watch out Gordan Ramsey, our junior masterchefs are cooking up  a storm!!
We're all having a headache..haha nah we're learning a dance move
Our wonderful coordinator Jean from Faithacts
Mark Gor hard at work trying to solve our cable problem
Meeting in Progress.
Thanks Cassandra and Sheffie, our producer and writer, for being so patient :)
This day was taken on Mark Gor's birthday. You really inspire us with your wit and hardwork!
Surprise dino for Rakuma

Rakuma may look like your normal kid, but he is burdened with a hole in his heart, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and Dyslexia. But what really strikes me is his filial piety. He is a smart kid and somehow understands his mother's plight. He may be quite a toughie to handle, but so long as Coris takes charge, he would listen obediently. Teachers have advised against him going to Primary 1 next year, despite being upset over this news, he was determined to study as hard so that he could be accepted into Pri 1. A small boy, who has difficulty reading and sitting still, trying so hard to fight against the odds, so that he can go to school. Were we even that mature when we were 6? And what really touched me was when he gave each of us a hand drawn card on the last day, a unique picture drawn for every cast and crew. He is such an appreciative boy and it's so gratifying to see the twinkle in his eyes and the pure thankfulness of the little things he has. If only we could learn to be as appreciative and grateful as him, and search for that inner child in us, we could all be happier and perhaps find that inner peace.

Card made with love from Rakuma
Rakuma's the artist!! 

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