Thursday, April 5, 2012

Voice Over recording at mediacorp

In celebration of the Jean Yip's 30th Anniversary kickstart party this easter weekend, I was called into the Mediacorp studio to do a voice over recording with 933FM radio deejay 伟彬. 伟彬 (pity we couldn't catch a picture of her, cos she had to rush off)  has a very friendly and soothing radio voice =) Really ought to learn from the experts!! 

Doing a voice over isn't as simple as I thought. We have to speak in a more 'sing-song' voice, that's exaggerated but yet not sound exaggerated. Haha sounds complicating? Surely is! And it was pretty weird hearing my own voice talking through those headphones.

Waiting patiently for my turn with aunty dawn
time to work!!

昨天我到YES 933FM录音室录Jean Yip 欢庆30载的Party Voice Over!我以为录 VO应该不会那么难, 谁知道,录VO不是单单说几句就算了!要夸张但不能听起来很假。。哈哈给个新人,是有点挑战性!!但伟彬姐真的好厉害,她的发音听起来好顺哦。真的要跟姐姐学 。。想跟她和照但她忙着工作得先跑。。。

为了欢庆, 这周末邀请你们来,  跟我们一起庆祝!!我也会现场表演哦!! 还有还有,只需$3的超低价特惠就可以购买按摸,美容和美发礼券!! 还有还有,这周末可赢取 3000份礼物详情请上 Jean Yip

嘻嘻!刚刚通过YES 933新歌首播听到自己的歌[快乐无敌],外加崇庆哥哥称赞!!开心及了!!谢谢谢谢!!!

"要用开心与自在的语气" =)

hoping they say its alright, if not it's one more time baby!
Thanks Matthew for overseeing the VO!

Anyways, here's the clip that we recorded!  

Oh Yes, do join us this weekend at 307 New Bridge Rd at Jean Yip Loft. Grab $3 MASSAGE deals! $3 facial deals!  etc etc etc and 3000 prizes to be won!! log onto Jean Yip site to register. HURRY!! before $3 massage deals are gone!!! 


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