Monday, August 25, 2014

Primp Palettes: VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation

During these hot hot hot summer months dehydration is at its PEAK. Plus all that sweating from just stepping outside into nature's oven leaves you feeling sticky on the outside but dry on the inside. Isn't a pretty situation we got here. During these months, we pay a lot of attention to SPF and protecting ourselves from the blazing sun, which is no doubt very very important, but, sometimes we forget that HYDRATION is as important.

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No matter how you avoid it, living in the tropics with 365days of summer or places that enjoy hot summer days, you're bound to lose fluid through sweating. A no-brainer solution of course would be to drink lots of water. But for us ladies, it gets a little tricky. Other than locking in moisture through drinking water and facial moisturizers, our make up and foundation may be causing our skin to get drier, soaking up what's little left of our natural moisture, hence causing more damages to our skin. 

VDL in collaboration with LG has come up with the perfect summer solution.
VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation.
You may be wondering how much difference can a metal plate make?
This metal plate is no ordinary plate, it's designed to: 
  • Keep the low-viscosity foundation cool  
  • Maintain the moisture level of the foundation
  • Provide anti-bacterial benefits by reducing contact between application sponge and foundation
Other than its moisturizing effects, it's SPF50++ too! So fret not cos VDL has got you covered all round.

This foundation is super moisturizing as it contains PRUNE WATER.
This super food contains:
  • 8x more potassium than an apple
  • 4x more vitamin A than an apple
  • 2.5x more antioxidants 
Now I think I'm gonna have prunes for breakfast before I primp up with VDL's Metal Cushion Foundation. Eat your prunes and lock in that moisture with some prune water to prevent getting pruny :)

Metal Cushion Foundation finishing effect

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