Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bridal Dreams

By a show of hands, how many of you ladies out there have spent years/months/days dreaming of your perfect wedding? The angelic white Vera Wang gown, floral garlands, and looking flawlessly radiant with an au natural make up. Ok I realize I can't see your hands, but I'm getting the vibe you've been dreaming about this day since you were 5??? Anyways point is...The makeup gurus of VDL (Violet Dream Luminous) have answered the prayers of all you brides-to-be with their limited edition Bridal Collection. 

If you're new to VDL, this international cosmetic brand made its way to Singapore last year after having won the hearts of many K-beauty fanatics in Korea/internationally. And what's cooler is their collaborations with renown makeup artiste Wendy Rowe, who has been selected as the top5 makeup artiste by Allure magazine! VDL products have successfully incorporated technology with beauty and fun to bring out the best in every lady and this season is especially dedicated to all brides-to-be. But, that ain't stopping the rest of us from looking radiant until that special day...right ladies!

Part of feeling beautiful on your wedding day is to know your make up is gonna stay perfect throughout the day. But our heat and humidity isn't the most helpful for keeping make up on. So first thing's first is to have a good base to build your make up on. Introducing VDL's best seller, Luminous Primer. Embedded with the Violet Lightflects™ technology, this primer contains a Violet Lightflects™ pigment which evens out the skin tone while creating a clear, radiant and healthy skin for the next step of makeup. 

Another essential to score that au natural look is kissable lips. This Festival Lipstick Creamy Tinted Balm is formulated with Safflower Seed Oil which contains beneficial fatty acid that can help to protect and repair the skin barrier, reducing the effects of dry and chapped lips. What I love is that it comes in a natural pink shade which is so wearable on an everyday basis or burgundy for date nights. 

The conscientious peeps of VDL also ensure that every bit of you would be well taken care of on your wedding day. When you're going to greet your guests, and shake hands with a ton of people, you want the confidence to know that you have hydrated and supple hands, and leaving them with a frangrance that says "I'm beautiful from top to toe!" VDL's Lumilayer Hand Essence contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps to brighten and lighten too! And it comes in 2 scents, gardenia and white musk or jasmine flower and cassia rose.

A big thank you to VDL for letting me share these lovely products with you ladies and future brides-to-be :) 

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