Friday, April 11, 2014

Clean Eating Recommends

Ever Since my juice cleanse, I've been trying to keep up with a healthier lifestyle, well, at least on mondays-fridays *cheat days still applies on weekends yeah >< *

You must be thinking healthy food... yuck. bland. rabbit food. boring.
It isn't!
Plus, our F&B scene seems to be moving towards a healthier appetite  too, even Macs now has wholegrain options.

I've tried a couple of these healthy joints recently and was really impressed. By their food, atmosphere and the whole vibe. Just wanna share with you if you're ever in the mood for a detox or just wanna get healthier, here are a few options you could try.

The mushroom wanton brown rice bee noodles (S$8.80) had a sweet kombu broth and it tasted like any homemade beehoon soup. The wantons were succulent and juicy with meaty mushroom bursting with flavours. Go for the dry wanton noodles if you're looking for something stronger on taste.

The pumpkin pancakes (S$10.90) didn't feel as guilt free, cos it was so dense and drizzled with organic maple syrup just felt like you would in any pancakes but alot heavier. But it's wheat/gluten free. This one was well worth my calories and perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth in me.

Various outlets

Raw Zucchini Linguini (S$16)

Afterglow is the only place I've consistently been visiting weekly in the past month. Although the food served here is raw vegan food, it doesn't fall short on taste and creativity. A must try snack is the kimchi nori rolls (S$12 for 6 rolls). It has no carbs, but stuffed with chopped carrots and almonds, homemade kimchi. Taste pretty unique and has a good bite to it. 

Another recommend is the deconstructed sushi bowl (S$16), which is black rice bowl with mushrooms, edamamae, pickled cucumber, nori, mixed with a wasabi dressing giving it a good kick. This one is pretty filling and substantial. 

What I love about Afterglow is the raw yet cosy atmosphere, slightly dim, and earthy. The food here aims to reach out to non-vegans and I would say that it has scored a number of rave reviews from my carnivorous friends. However, I do feel it's rather pricey for just raw veges and that's perhaps one factor that most healthy/organic places share that deters us from going back. But the food here is definitely worth a try!!

24 Keong Siak Street

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