Monday, March 5, 2012

Summertime Of Our Lives

Remember the days when we would go gaga over boybands, their cheesy love songs, pretty boy faces and last but not least their moppy hairstyles. Guilty! i was one of those who grew up in the era of boybands and idolize them. Last week , on the 28th of feb 2012, 11 years since the craze then, british boyband a1, BLUE and Jeff Timmons from 98degrees came back for a Greatest Hits Tour!! Mummy and Daddy made our teenage dreams come true that night with all access passes backstage the entire night  AND partying with the boys!! 

Jeff Timmons kicked start the concert/set with "Because of You" by 98degrees, followed by a1 with the most entertaining act that evening (perhaps im bias cos a1 WAS my favourite boyband of all time), and BLUE closed off the night with "One Love". I was kind of disappointed that BLUE and Jeff Timmons performed only to a backing minus one track. Especially when a1 was the only band that actually made an effort to sing with a live band which made the performance more alive, which perhaps made both acts fall short of what i expected of the show. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves that evening and sang our hearts out to the tunes that we grew up with :)

Christian and Ben from a1
Ben serenading the crowd with "Like a Rose"
a1 after party

Left to Right BLUE member: Antony, Lee, Duncan, Simon
The very friendly Lee 
Anthony and Lee on "One Love"

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